Travelling Namibia

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Default Travelling Namibia

In March my wife and I will spend 2 weeks in Namibia. What is a good
itinerary covering several highlights without racing too much ? Preferred
self-drive, but optional tour.

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Default Re: Travelling Namibia

We've visited Namibia perhaps ten times starting long ago when it was
SWA, but our interest was always limited to Etosha. That used to be a
treasure worth a week in itself. In the past, self-drive to the more
adventuresome areas (e.g. Skeleton Coast) was limited to the brave
and/or foolhardy, although these days there seem to be more people
willing to try it. I think that's partly because the new government is
less conservative in cautioning people. Your car-hire firm will have
something to say about liability if you elect to follow that path.

Unfortunately our last trip was 5 years ago so my comments need
refreshing. The road between WDH and Etosha was good, but the park
infrastructure itself had degraded very badly. It was still offering a
lot of appeal to charters of first-time tourists who'd never seen a
giraffe in the wild before, but was very disappointing to people like
us who knew the place from the past.

I assume you realize that, regardless of what the chamber of commerce
and local zealots will tell you, that you're venturing into a bit of a
lawless land. That isn't to suggest that you're foolish in going -
chances are, if someone tells me they've fixed some of their problems,
I'll be there with my wife and first-born again this year as well. But
there is a bit of racial animosity, a lot of poverty, and to a few you
just might look like the Payroll Train. And the posse is not likely to
be nearby should you need them.

Do your homework and watch yourself. Five years ago our car-hire
operator warned us that stuff would be snatched from our vehicle in
downtown Windhoek if we left anything of worth in view. We didn't test
the theory, and the city seemed peaceful enough, but things haven't
gotten any better economically in the meanwhile.

"Peter" wrote:

    >In March my wife and I will spend 2 weeks in Namibia. What is a good
    >itinerary covering several highlights without racing too much ? Preferred
    >self-drive, but optional tour.
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Default Re: Travelling Namibia

"Peter" wrote in message
news:[email protected]...
    > In March my wife and I will spend 2 weeks in Namibia. What is a good
    > itinerary covering several highlights without racing too much ? Preferred
    > self-drive, but optional tour.
    > Thanks
    > Peter

Hello Peter,

Coincidentally, my wife and I will be spending 4 weeks in Namibia in March!
We will be looking at some places in detail that we have visited
before.....I try to go every year if I can as it is probably the SAFEST
country to travel as an independent in Africa. Just take normal security
precautions and don't flaunt your apparent a little extra
cautious in the urban areas.

Now, briefly, where to go. For the first trip to Namibia, an unhurried self
drive will let you spend a couple of days on arrival and departure in
Windhoek itself. Then, head south east over one of the mountain passes..
suggest the Gamsberg to the outstanding multicoloured sand dunes at
Sossuvlei. North to Walvis Bay via Solitaire...I just love Solitaire.....
to the coastal resort of Swakopmund. North again via Henties Bay, cut
inland to Twyfelfontein for some art culture, the fossilised Petrified
Forrest and if you are lucky, spot the elusive desert elephant......just
don't let him spot you!......mean as poison.
On to the Etosha National Park via Andersen Gate in the West. There is an
absolutely magical floodlit waterhole at Okuakuejo camp where you are
virtually guaranteed to see a black rhino. Spend about 5 days in the park
and leave by the eastern Von Lindquist ( probably spelled that wrong) gate
and head south again for Windhoek.

There is a lot of detail here that I have purposely left out because it will
depend on your budget. You can hire a vehicle with confidence from several
places in Windhoek and you won't need 4 wheel drive, but you will need to
use some sense driving on quite a few gravel surfaced roads. Air-con is
essential, you have picked a hot time of year. If you were to camp, you can
get by on about 30 e's a day including food. Namibia also has hotels B &
B's and some beautiful lodges at much lower prices that it's neighbours. All
depends on what you want to spend. To visit these places, you must have
permits and there may be just about time to do that in advance. I can tell
you how. You might also get them in person when you must be
done in Windhoek. Some of the venues can be booked up well in advance, but
March is out of season, I think you will be lucky.
I have left out Fish River Canyon. It is in the far south and is
spectacular. It would also add about a thousand kms to your trip. In my
opinion not worth the extra travel......anyway, once you have been to
Namibia, you will go back, nice to leave something.

So, brief it was. There is much to organise. I can answer questions here, as
I am sure others will too ( and have different opinions) mail me if you

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Peter Chamlis
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Default Re: Travelling Namibia

Dear Peter,
I've nothing to help you in your planning, having never visited Namibia.
However, my family will visit there in June. Please copy my email address,
and fire me a quick couple of lines after you return. I'd appreciate any
help, advice or comment you might have.

Peter Chamlis, Tallahassee, FL
[email protected]

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