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Contemplating moving to Portugal

Contemplating moving to Portugal

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Old May 28th 2012, 9:47 pm
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Post Contemplating moving to Portugal

Hey everyone

I'm a 24 year old male currently living in Scotland & for some time now
I've been contemplating a permanent move to Portugal.

I was thinking of saving up a few thousand pounds perhaps £2-3K & just catch a one way flight to Portugal, Relax & enjoy the weather for a while then start job hunting. Also at the moment I am a gents barber however willing to turn my hand to anything to fund my new lifestyle.

Basically I'm looking for advice Re:

:Where's best to stay & why?
:Cheap accommodation
:Cost of living
:And lastly any success stories (especially from a young persons point of view)
:Good things to know

Sorry if the above "topics" sound a bit vague!
But I'd truly appreciate any advice.

Thank you in advance
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Old May 29th 2012, 12:18 pm
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Default Re: Contemplating moving to Portugal

I worked in Lagos which is in the algarve last year. although my work was only a seasonal position in a backpacker hostel hopefully I can still give you a bit of information..

:Where's best to stay & why?
I lived in Lagos and visited Lisbon on my last few days. Lagos was more of a beachy lifestyle and a very small town mainly filled with tourists or people there for the season. Very chilled atmosphere with lazy days spent at the beach and lots of bars to pass the night in. It's a beautiful place with some amazing beaches but after 4 months I was happy to get back to a city again. I liked Lisbon but didn't think there was anything special about it. Cool place but nothing more.

:Cheap accommodation-
I had a two bedroom apartment in the centre of Lagos and the rent on the whole place was 350euros per month so split between me and a friend 175per month. Which is the cheapest rent I've had anywhere in my life.

Long term employment I am not too sure on the prospects and think you might struggle. Portugal seems to be in the same way as Spain and there doesn't seem to be that many jobs. There are jobs such as flyering (convincing tourists to come into your bar) that always seem to be around but the pay is rubbish and it seems more a job you do to extend your working holiday there over the summer. Jobs in bars and restaurants seem a little better but I heard you need to get there at the start of the season. I think you might find it hard to find work at all over the winter as many Portuguese friends have told me that it's just absolutely dead in the winter and a lot of business rely on making most of their money in the summer and shutting down for the winter.
Most people from the UK I met working over there where either doing a season or people who owned bars and restaurants over there.

My wage was 600euro a month and I worked 6 days a week. It was easy fun 'work' and I found my job through a colleague that I had worked with a hostel at in London who had opened his own in Portugal.

:Cost of living- Cheap! Like I said the rent is cheap, groceries were cheap especially things like fruit and veggies. alcohol was extremely cheap with 1 litre of beer at 1.50euros, wine for 2euros and a bottle of spirits for around 10euros. haha tbh these were my only real living expenses so can't give you an idea of much else lol but it's definitely cheaper than the UK

:Good things to know-

I think what your best to do would be to move there for the season try get any type of work that you can and ask around in all the bars and restaurants. Try to get as many contacts as you can. Talk to everyone! The town I was working was more of a case of who you know and not what you know so they might have some good tips for you and know of more stable jobs to get you through the winter.

Hope this was kind of helpful. Portugal's a cool place but not somewhere I'd like to live any longer than a few months Spain on the other hand.....
oh by the way I'm 23
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Default Re: Contemplating moving to Portugal

I'm glad Meechelle got her positive post in before lots of people come and say it's a terrible idea.

What she suggests is perfect for someone young with no debt who wants to come and enjoy the summer.

As a permanent move, however, you have a whole load of other sensible stuff to think about: residency, taxation and the fact that the Algarve is a completely different world off-season.

By all means come and give it a go, but be aware that 2 or 3 grand could disappear extremely quickly while you're enjoying the sunshine! Consider also the fact that people with places to rent will now be getting ready to rent them on a weekly basis over the summer season. As an example, I live in an apartment and pay 450 euros per month all year round. Similar apartments in rent for up to 900 per WEEK in July and August.

Please don't be put off, as Portugal is a wonderful place, but it has its pros and cons like anywhere - it can be cold and boring through the winter. I have just typed a long post about cost of living on my blog that may be of interest (link is in my signature)

Good luck
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Default Re: Contemplating moving to Portugal

Hi there, i thought ied reply as i am a 23 year old hairdresser I moved here from London 3 and a half years ago. I lived with my mum for the first year and then moved in with my boyfriend. so here are afew answers to your questions-

Where is best to stay- I live in Carvoeiro in the algarve. It is a tourist village with beaches, bars, resturants and all the usual stuff. There is a big expat community and also lots of germas and dutch. This is where i made most of my friends who range from 22yrs- 35yrs.

accommadation- Well this is cheeper than in the Uk. BUT when you are not earning as much its expensive. My bf and i rent a 2 bed appartment for 420 euro per month. Electric bills in the winter are expensive. Ours were around 120 euros per months (only heating the living room!).

Employment- I had a hard time finding a decent job. I worked in 4 differnt salons all of which i left after a month or 2. They were either, badly run, paid me only by commision (most days this didnt even cover my petrol costs), or everyday got treated like a stupid immigrant because i didnt speak the language. Eventually i found somewhere which is run by forigners, which has been similar working conditions to uk. I have been there there over 2 years. The pay isnt great, 3 euros.50 and hour. which means im on 600 a month, just over minimum wage!

Cost of living- Its a struggle!

suscess story.... Well i dont regret coming here. Its has been and eye opening experience. My bf and i have decided to move back to the uk for a year in Oct. basically we are going to get jobs and save some money then hopefully move to canada. I love portugal but it lacks too much for me:
-Cost of living greatly out weighs the salary
- the language is really hard and you dont get much chance to pratice as most young people speak english.
-There are no opportunites to train/ learn new skills
- There is alot of corruption with in the Gnr and some government services.
- the government a taxing to the max
- You have to have a licence for everthing (even to close your business down!!!), oh and if you dont have this you get fined!

All in all its a good place to come for a summer job but i wouldnt suggest coming long term.

Hope this helps
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