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Default IEC/police (long winded)

Hi guys,

I only recently came across the IEC program, which from what it seems as a UK citizen gives me the ability to work in Canada for 2 years maximum.

My questions really are:

- Assuming I saved money together for the IEC & was waiting to apply at the stroke of midnight when the applications went live for 2015, Do you get the choice of city you want to live in, how feasible is it living in somewhere like Vancouver by yourself.

- As a 24 year old guy, 6ft4 ( dont think height makes any difference, but i guess its a myth that it was an advantage for the police) in reasonable fitness. If I actually worked on fitness from now to get into police worthy shape, is it at all possible to get work with say Vancouver police when you land through the IEC program?

- I have never thought about being in the police force in the UK, because I was always so worried & obsessed over the professional qualifications of chartered accountancy (trying to work towards), but If i managed to get on the IEC, being in a career where you use your mind & body and things can always be different certainly sounds alluring. Not to mention, I would assume that getting on with a police force over there would go great lengths to helping you get a Permanent Residency.

Apologies for any silly questions, its more curiosity. As while im young, If I got on the program, It would be something I would really want to put some effort into trying.

Would it be advisable to contact different police departments in Canada via email at this time to gather as much intel as possible?

thanks for any replies in advance.

EDIT: If police is impossible through the IEC, what are the jobs you would expect to be doing, general idea of how hard it is to live in vancouver etc. I am aware that accounting is a subject needed all over the place, but I fear it would involve studying in a college or doing a professional qualification in not enough time.

I should explain, I am not trying to insult any qualified cops out there by suggesting any old graduate can just jump into the force at the bottom level & its all hunky dory, I understand it is more complex than that. Helping people is something I've always wanted to do, & If I was able to get the fresh start with the IEC program that I desire, and a possible PR out of it (Not sure how), It could be something I would consider pursuing, no matter how tough. Because Accountancy, might be what I have my degree in, & what I feel I am forced to do at the moment, but I don't know if my heart is in it.

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Default Re: IEC/police

You have to be either a permanent resident or a Canadian citizen before you can join the police.
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Default Re: IEC/police

I think the IEC for Canada is similar to that of a working holiday visa in other countries. You work to supplement your travelling.
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