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aatucks Nov 25th 2012 5:07 pm

should we bother?
Hi all,

My OH is nvq3 plumber/pipe fitter with 14 years experience. We are considering a move to oz but haven't done anything yet, so no money paid out. After reading a lot of posts on here about plumbers finding it really hard to get jobs especially because of the licenses you have to get, I'm now wondering if we should just forget the whole idea and stick with what we've got here, including the cold and rain!

Can anyone tell me if things are getting better?
We had been thinking of going to Victoria, is it better/worse there than anywhere else? or is all of oz about the same?

Also I'm wondering, like many others from what I've read on here, why are plumbers in demand but then can't get jobs when they get there because of all the red tape? How is that a skill in demand? Surely they would make it easier to get licenses or would accept uk quals etc instead? I really don't understand.

I'm a bit reluctant to start the whole process and not get a job at the end of it. Any advise would be great, thanks in advance

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