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mikemike Mar 22nd 2022 1:24 am

13 a acr card 5 year renewal
I am booked on line for Monday 28 at 08:00 , so far so good

I started to complete the application form, did this 5 years ago and was easy peasy, still good so far

Then I got to the part about having authorised. notified copies on my certification etc. the papers that were in effect submitted and accepted at the initial 13a application process, many years ago These were retained by the not so good.

Has any one been through this torture where the anti red tape law has just been ignored or forgotten?! ie if an applicant already has a valid ACR 13 A then the process for renewal is readily apparent etc.

No surprises really, nothing ever is straightforward and efficient unless dealing with the 100% exemplary NSO

Also can you share the costs please

Looks like the vehicle plating system may still be suspended for Manila so will park up very early before 08:00 at the BI front and then probably spend several hours for the ''system'' to work its voodoo magic. Just pleased this is only once every 5 years

mikemike Mar 28th 2022 3:22 am

Re: 13 a acr card 5 year renewal
Update for those who will need to attend intramuros manila for their 5 year acr card renewal

1/ I arrived at 05:00 as the predicted delays northbound on Roxas boulevard showed I was over pessimistic. Clear that both north and south were good for travel despite road works.

2/ there was a parking officer on duty who guided me in and I paid the 100 pesos required as i was expecting to be parked for over 3 hours and the fees in makati for street parking for that time are 130pesos

3/ starbucks opened at 06:00 so a quick caffeine boost.

4/ flag raising ceremony just after 06:45

5/ lined up to get in at 07.00

6/ we were let in at 07:45, first to window 8. To get in you must have all documents requested on line plus your vaccination card which is NOT mentioned, no need for a face shield but must wear a face mask.

7/ window 8 told me my application was defective as it does not include my address which is not asked for on the on line form.. So completed another document with address. Will they update their on line requirements?

8/ completed window 8 requirements, then on to window 14 to pay the two sets of fees both needing their own express lane toll, total just over 4600 pesos

9/. take receipts plus window 8 approved sign off to window 44 for biometrics and picture

10/ back to window 8 to complete all stamps and receive stub with contact number to call first week of may to confirm card will be ready for collection from window 4 no further fees due. to collect book on line to be allowed in with QR code, ID and proof of vaccination go to window 4 and collect, go home

I suspect I will arrive at 05:40 next time as traffic appreciably picked up from 06:00 and parking is limited

In and out in less than an hour , would have been quicker if the download application form was updated.

despite on line check list requiring copies of original applications sign off, usually got from the third floor after a very long wait, it seems this may now have been uploaded for Window 8 to have completed their verification process, This is a big time saver.

Stokkevn Mar 28th 2022 4:15 am

Re: 13 a acr card 5 year renewal
Makes me thankful I have a SRRV retirement visa, Once a year when out shopping I slowly wander over to LBC and send my card and P650, a couple of weeks later my new card arrives. Job done.

mikemike Mar 28th 2022 9:56 am

Re: 13 a acr card 5 year renewal

Originally Posted by Stokkevn (Post 13104205)
Makes me thankful I have a SRRV retirement visa, Once a year when out shopping I slowly wander over to LBC and send my card and P650, a couple of weeks later my new card arrives. Job done.

yes I used to pay my $30 for three years and it was easy peasy

I just decided that the deposit was too high. In event of my death the boss may at some distant stage get what was left after the various government departments go their cut. I decided that was too costly and too much hassle for her

2022 is the year of ultimate hassle

1/ annual report
2/ 5 year card renewal
3/ kids UK and philippines passport renewals
4 /My driving license. thank goodness it goes to 10 years
5/ The boss passport also to go to 10 years

next year will be my passport and the boss driving license

2024 i will not know what to do with myself:))

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