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MrsCakey Nov 21st 2018 2:38 am

Just made it over one year in NZ
So we just realised that it has been a year since we arrived off the plane in AKL.

I have to admit the year has gone by so quickly. The children have settled into school and made new friends. Our eldest (13yo) still dreams about returning to the UK and we just have to accept that is how she feels and hope that one day she will see more benefits to the move than negatives (in her eyes).

I've started making connections and stepped out of my comfort zone by going along to meetings and social gatherings with people who are interested in the same things as I am.

We brought a house within the first few months as rental here is Tauranga is difficult to get into with such high demand. The house is very nice but it's not a Victorian Villa with double fronted bay windows and a log burner. But, we do have a view of the Mount and some amazing sunsets and quick access to a beautiful beach and coastline.

I have finally stopped complaining about how much food costs and suck it up and be more canny with my purchasing.

The Mister is loving being nearer to his family and his childhood friends so for him the move has been positive.

At this point in time the glass is definitely more full and I am feeling positive about the future. I've had to work hard at putting myself out there, but I have made some great friends (some are other expats but it still counts) and new colleagues and some exciting projects on the horizons.

Will be interesting to see where we are at at year two! :)

Muirsmoving2019 Dec 20th 2018 3:31 pm

Re: Just made it over one year in NZ
Hi MrsCakey


We (myself, hubby, and 2 children - 11yrs and 16yrs) are moving to Tauranga next September from the UK.
Interested in your comments about renting in Tauranga - we were planning on renting for the first year or so and looking at Papamoa - is the rental market quite sparse?
I'm also a little concerned about 'putting myself out there', I can be a little shy and lack confidence and fear I will find it difficult to make friends - have you found this relatively easy?

Hope year 2 is just a much fun and your daughter starts to settle more into the Kiwi life.

Amanda x

MrsCakey Dec 20th 2018 4:41 pm

Re: Just made it over one year in NZ
Hi Amanda,
Exciting times ahead for you. I don't think you'll have a problem getting a rental in Papamoa (Pommiemoa they call it). I have several British friends who rent there and love it. it is very popular, not the cheapest area and a pain to get into town if you work in the CBD, but it's definitely the beach lifestyle if that's what you are after. We struggled because we wanted a specific area at the time (The Lakes - exclusive) and it was around Christmas. Not ideal scenario.
Start looking at what's available now on pretty much all the agents list on this website. Each agent is a franchise, so they work independently but under a brand if that makes sense. Worth getting in touch with the ones that seems to have the types of houses you like and get them to keep you posted of any new properties that come up.
Nearer the time, feel free to drop me an email and I'll help any way I can :)

Muirsmoving2019 Dec 21st 2018 9:30 am

Re: Just made it over one year in NZ
Can I ask why you specifically wanted The Lakes area? we did look at this area but were concerned it was a bit far out and we would end up taxing the kids backwards and forwards quite a bit! Also not sure about schools in that area as it appeared that the only secondary schools were either private or entry was dependant upon religion.
Thanks for the offer of support, I will definitely be taking you up on this as the time gets closer.
Amanda x

MrsCakey Dec 22nd 2018 5:42 am

Re: Just made it over one year in NZ

We looked at the Lakes as it was where our friends lived, so it made sense to be near them. But as we looked we realised that the houses there were just not right for us. It's all very new build with very little garden/land and we are used to the opposite, so in the end we moved to Welcome Bay and it's only 10 minutes from the Lakes.

School wise I think your 11/12 yo will go to Intermediate and your 16/17 will be at High School if you live within the zones in the City. If you choose Papamoa then they will both be able to attend the College there.

Do you know where you will both be based for work?

Don't stress too much about accommodation, best thing to do is come over and get a feel for the areas before you commit to anything. Have you visited Tauranga or NZ before?

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