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pixi-dust Mar 31st 2017 5:41 am

12 year update
:eek: hello everyone!
I haven't been here for eons, but all of a sudden today I thought- I wonder how everyone's doing!
So,12 years. Still loving it.
We sold up our lovely wee farm 2 years ago and downsized big time with a move to the coast. Still in the bay of islands, but rather than inland we went coastal with a decent sized section, but most of it is bush. Cut down on the hard graft by loads.
Bob a dog is still going strong (for any of you who remember him :) !) he's 14 now, not the young pup he was when we dragged him to the other side of the world.

We've recently seen quite a lot of growth in the Kerikeri area. Houses are selling relatively fast and there's a lot of building going on.

Been back to Scotland a few times, it's still lovely too. Had to make the horrible journey back last month because dad passed away. I guess we all know (those of us lucky enough to have parents) that this day will probably come, but there is nothing to prepare you for the reality of it. It's the absolute worst.

What else - cost of living - man, that has rocketed since we've been here. NZ is no longer an inexpensive place. Still totally think it's worth it, though.

Honestly, I cant think of much else. 12 years becomes normal life, but just wanted to say hi to everyone :wub: and hope you're all good.

Reylan Mar 31st 2017 6:49 pm

Re: 12 year update
What a lovely update! Thank you.


LoCarb Apr 6th 2017 5:33 am

Re: 12 year update
Great to hear you are still with us!
How is the diving going...:thumbup:

MrsFychan Apr 18th 2017 7:49 am

Re: 12 year update
Welcome back pixie remember reading your blog when we were looking to come over, and glad Bob is still going. Bet 12 years have flown by.sorry to hear about your dad.

southerner May 2nd 2017 11:13 pm

Re: 12 year update
Thanks Pixie - wow, 12 years has flown by hasn't it.
Glad you're still enjoying things - you live in a great part of the country! Wish I could visit more frequently.:fingerscrossed:

bearskin May 7th 2017 9:07 am

Re: 12 year update

Originally Posted by pixi-dust (Post 12217913)
Bob a dog is still going strong (for any of you who remember him :) !) he's 14 now, not the young pup he was when we dragged him to the other side of the world.

Bob a Dog! Blast from the past.:p

pixi-dust May 8th 2017 4:28 am

Re: 12 year update
Diving is going great. We recently bought a wee rhib to get around the bay - they're my dream boat :) and the good weather seems never ending so we've been out a lot.

Blog fell by the wayside when we moved. I used to use it as a calendar of what we did each year on the farm. Sort of a shame really, as I wrote it for over 10 years!

Southerner - hi, nice to see you're still around too :)

bearskin :) yep he sure is a blast from the past ! Hope you're all well. xx

Fooferfish May 24th 2017 11:05 pm

Re: 12 year update
Wow same amount of nz time as us, I remember you guys, I think we all arrived same year?

We were about to move to northland , had a house lined up in the umawera area , I was going to work at the prison, easy transfer for me, we came back after 2 visits to Paihia and surrounding areas, stunning place, wife was not 100% on the move , so we pulled the pin.

Good to hear you're still loving nz and yes those trips back never get any easier.

Congrats Nigel and karla

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