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Heal Feb 22nd 2008 6:55 pm

Yippeee we've got it
Today our agent rang today to say our pr application as been successful,we did get a little anxious when we had our interview and wr was mentioned but everything came good.
We are now planning dates when we set off to sunny Nelson(probably August time).

For anybody who may be interested this as been our schedule of events;

May 2006 Started looking at New Zealand,Australia,Canada.
Sep 2006 Decided we wanted to go to Nelson NZ
Nov 2006 Signed up with agent.
Dec 2006 Sent off qualifications to be assessed
Mar 2007 EOI submitted
Mar 2007 EOI picked
Aug 2007 ITA sent
Sep 2007 Recce to Nelson
Feb 2008 Interview
Feb 2008 PR

Thanks to everybody who have helped us over the last year.

j19fmm Feb 22nd 2008 7:01 pm

Re: Yippeee we've got it
Congratulations and we wish you all the best :thumbsup:

Persephone Feb 22nd 2008 8:18 pm

Re: Yippeee we've got it
Many congratulations, hope everything goes well with the move :thumbup:

BEVS Feb 22nd 2008 8:42 pm

Re: Yippeee we've got it
Hi there .

Many congrats ont he stickers. It's such a relief when you get them. :thumbup:

We'll keep a watch out and see you in August then. Bring thermals for the evenings and frosty early mornings. Rainbow skifield will be open. Not sure if Hamish Heron will be back in the village or not.

Cheesehead Feb 22nd 2008 10:10 pm

Re: Yippeee we've got it
Fab news!

We haven't even submitted our EOI yet but are hoping to move in early 2009 - better get a move on!!
Which agent did you use? Were they any good? How much did it cost?

Why did you choose Nelson? That is also our first choice but I am concerned about our ability to find jobs there? Are you going with jobs already sorted? If so, how have you managed to look for jobs in the area - any tips?

Questions questions......

Maz Feb 22nd 2008 10:12 pm

Re: Yippeee we've got it
Woo hoo many congratulations! :thumbup:

Heal Feb 22nd 2008 10:58 pm

Re: Yippeee we've got it
We looked at different areas,but always came back to looking at the Nelson
area,it just ticked all the boxes for us.
We don't have job offers,when I visited last year there was lots of work(carpenter joiner).
We used the Emigration Group I think the price varies on your circumstances,its not cheap but we found them very good.

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