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Practical Jul 25th 2008 12:17 pm

UK nursing to NZ
I've been tying to persuade my wife to go to New Zealand to nurse for quite a long time. I've even said I'll come as well if she insists (joke).
Took her to a NZ fair in Manchester etc. The main objection seems to be she is not sure if she could make the move without having to take a job below her current grade. I know this isn't a money thing. It's to do with her idea of the level she needs to work at and how she would feel having to work under people with far less experience than she has. We didn't really get much by way of feedback from the agencies at the fair on the prospects for her in NZ so I wonder if I can get a better idea from people here currently working in nursing in NZ.
Basically my wife is 49yrs old ,30 years of nursing. Last 20 years at Sister/ unit coordinator level. Her skillset is in Operating Theatres. She has not worked in other nursing areas for well over 20 years so I know she is not current in experience outside theatres. She has her Degree in Nursing plus a basketful of the courses relating to her speciality.

The question of course is do people with this profile manage to transfer from the Uk to NZ wthout having to start lower down on the ladder at staff grade level or below?
Because of age we either come now ,or we don't come at all and given I doubt I can persuade her to go back to staff grade this is a make ,or break issue.

Appreciate hearing from practitioners on this.

Gill and Rob Jul 26th 2008 12:10 am

Re: UK nursing to NZ
Will send you a PM.

Practical Jul 26th 2008 9:07 am

Re: UK nursing to NZ
Thank you kindly for that Gill.

Frenchy Jul 27th 2008 11:03 pm

Re: UK nursing to NZ
As a Nurse Educator she could expect to achieve specialist grade 5 here (about 87k dollars start) I transferred from a top band 7 in UK and in truth get comparable wages here:thumbsup:

There are generally positions in managment at the same level or education specializing within the theatre environment. Hope this helps, as a ex UK Nurse with 29 years NHS experience (within wound care and commumity teaching) I know how she feels to come put of your safety zone!!!!

Been here 18 months now and 100% no regrets!!!:)

grimm Jul 28th 2008 11:42 am

Re: UK nursing to NZ
I had a complete nightmare when we moved to Auckland.
I'm an A and E Paeds nurse with only 5 years experience and they put me on a lower level and made me take all these rediculous competencies like I was a student.
Then they limited me to what I could do untill they thought it was time to trust me and then threw me in at the deep end and expected to do things their way.
I suppose it's luck of the draw with your job, just check your banding when you get a job offer. I wasn't told about being on a lower pay scale for 18months and then it was too late to change as I was coming home.

It depends on your role and the DHB.
Good luck

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