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AngelaandJim Jul 10th 2009 1:20 pm

Pet Shipping Fees

I've had quotes for shipping my 3 ragdoll cats to NZ

One quote was from Heathrow £2547 (which would be nightmare as we live in Scotland)
The other quote was from Edinburgh £2997

I think these quotes are reasonable as everything is covered. Anyone agree ?
My mum near fainted lol told her i even if it was £10k i would sell everything i've got to get them there i love my babies :wub:

A friend of ours was £3k for one dog

blackburn lass Jul 10th 2009 3:00 pm

Re: Pet Shipping Fees
I feel the same way about my dog. I have been quoted £1800 plus injections to move her, this will be more than our flights. People say I am crazy, but I wouldn't enjoy being there without her.

Dawn X

AngelaandJim Jul 10th 2009 3:08 pm

Re: Pet Shipping Fees
It would be like leaving your kids because they cost to much.


Mgee Jul 10th 2009 4:36 pm

Re: Pet Shipping Fees
We are expecting to pay at least €10k for the transport and 30-day quarantine of our three pets (2 dogs, 1 cat). As others have said, leaving them behind is not an option. We are their pack and they are our family.

Pinkkat75 Jul 10th 2009 5:31 pm

Re: Pet Shipping Fees
We are looking at £5500 with Airpets, plus about £1000 in vets fees beforehand to ship our two greyhounds :blink:

Airpets have been lovely and have answered all my neurotic queries :D. Golden Arrow have not bothered to return my phone calls or post me any information :frown:. I guess they are so busy they don't need my business. I must admit I was disappointed as many people on this forum say they are wonderful :confused:.

Airpets suits us as we can drop the pups off at Heathrow and pick them up in Auckland, so we are away from them for the shortest possible time, hopefully only 36 hours or so.

The money people spend on shipping cars and whatnot, I can't understand why the gasps of horror about pet shipping fees. Like you guys, I'd pay anything to keep them with me. I'd be more likely to leave hubby behind :rofl:

Jan n Neil Jul 10th 2009 5:39 pm

Re: Pet Shipping Fees
Golden arrow have been good for us, freindly helpfull

About £6,200 for 3 dogs (collie,staffy,gsd)


one firm quoted 8 grand plus :thumbdown:

We have had to rehome our 12yr old african grey cos they wont let her in, am heartbroken about it but she has an exellent new home with people she knows

Pinkkat75 Jul 10th 2009 5:48 pm

Re: Pet Shipping Fees
Guess Golden Arrow just didn't like me then!:)

AngelaandJim Jul 10th 2009 8:51 pm

Re: Pet Shipping Fees
I've been talking with they are based in Dunfermline, Scotland about 30 miles from us. They have been very helpfull going to bed heartbroken to be without them but it wont be for long

mickey_d Jul 10th 2009 11:54 pm

Re: Pet Shipping Fees
Try these, they never get a mention, but they were superb:thumbup:

pangor Jul 11th 2009 1:34 am

Re: Pet Shipping Fees
I quite agree about bring the cats. We brought ours (a couple of ordinary, youngish, rescue cats) at my insistence and at the cost of several thousand pounds (three years ago) but they travelled fine and as soon as they arrived everybody agreed that we had a home again even in a rental.

We left ours behind with Nicola's mum and dad to be sent on once we had somewhere to live. We were in Berwick but the cats flew from Heathrow - the company supplied boxes and I think transported them down, kept them at their place for a few days before they flew.

here are some photos on Nicolas blog

good luck


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