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pestman Apr 5th 2010 6:59 am

Re: GBP crisis...yawn
hmm maybe im missing the point here?

Im no money expert but have to say I hope it drops to below 2 as that makes a trip back to the UK much more realistic for those of us wanting to return for holidays/family visits.

Why should I care about it going down further when I earn and have nothing but kiwi dollars to my name?

Again sorry if this misses the point but so what if you only get 2 for 1 as heck its still buy one get one free in my book!

the 3 for one days will never return and like cheap milk and bread are a thing of the past.

we moved here six years ago and got 2.66 and all we started with was $75k dollars no pension or savings or massive profit from a house sale yet here we are still making it work.

we would have still come even if it was below 2 as moving here was a dream come true.

all the best from the pest!

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