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Cate135 Apr 19th 2014 10:12 am

Canon apple airprint
Hi, just wondering if anyone can advice, we have a Canon wireless MG3550 all in one inkjet printer with apple airprint that we bought when in UK last year(before we know we were coming out), we were told that we couldn't bring the cartridges, even the new ones so binned the lot. :(

When we know we were coming out I checked with Canon UK to see if cartridges were available in NZ, advised yes. So today I have been looking for cartridges for Canon 540 or 540XL, and can't find them anywhere not online or in shops. Amazon won't sent them to NZ and neither will any UK store as soon as we put in NZ address

Did anyone else have this problem with UK printers needing ink cartridges, is there any places that I'm missing (tried Harvey Norman, JBHIFI, Dick Smith, Warehouse Stationery and googled online ) the container arrives in a few days so ideally would've liked to have ink or are we going to need to buy a NZ printer that has airprint(which I can't find either).

Any help much appreciated.

SLH Apr 19th 2014 11:02 am

Re: Canon apple airprint
Just had a quick look on ebay uk and you can get them on there and some suppliers will post to NZ. Only any use of course if you have an ebay account. Hope that helps

Cate135 Apr 19th 2014 11:15 am

Re: Canon apple airprint
Thanks, I did have a look but will look at the ones to send to UK, hubby has account so will get him to check and try and order, thank you.

MrsFychan Apr 19th 2014 8:18 pm

Re: Canon apple airprint
we bought our printer over (HP) and even though they supply the ink cartridges here they are country specific so had to spend nearly 2hrs on the phone to HP trying to upgrade the printer before they agreed to exchange it for a NZ one where the NZ cartridges will work. I know someone else on here had the same problem and I think they get their cartridges from the USA ?

Snap Shot Apr 20th 2014 4:05 am

Re: Canon apple airprint
We had this problem too. We bought HP ink cartridges in NZ for our HP printer which we brought from the UK. Even though we believed we got the right ones from Warehouse Stationery as we checked the booklet in store.

Turns out they're not zoned for our UK printer :sneaky:

So, I just cut my losses and bought a new printer for about fifty dollars (about 25 quid) from Warehouse Stationery.

I explained my dissatisfaction with my local branch of Warehouse Stationery as I had purchased the ink cartridges at the WS in a different NZ town and got 30% discount on an ink cartridge in exchange for the wrong one.

I've kept our old UK printer in case we need it should we return to Britain. We will take our NZ printer with us as well.

BTW here's the link as this has come up before about printer cartridges being zoned

wakeride Apr 20th 2014 5:29 pm

Re: Canon apple airprint
did you have any luck getting hold of any 540 print cartridges. i also have a cannon with 540 black and 541 colour so would be interested to know where to get hold of some when i run out. i think ill be putting some in the shipping container if aloud

Cate135 Apr 21st 2014 7:52 am

Re: Canon apple airprint
Thanks for replies, still no luck yet, have emailed customer service. The warehouse stationery sell printer one up from us but we were advised by them that the ink will not be accepted as the printer is not available here.

Wakeride- I had brand new cartridges in Tupperware but was told not allowed, but to be honest they were still in the pack if I thought about it I would have wrapped them up in bubble wrap, left them in the Tupperware box and stuck them in beside my towels and bedding out of sight. If you can get away with it then go for it, I really wish I had.

MOSO Apr 21st 2014 8:47 am

Re: Canon apple airprint
Just a thought as we have a Canon MG5250 which we purchased here. I get our toners refilled at Cartridge World. Sometimes they swap them for ones they have in stock, other times they take them out the back and refill them on site. I pay $17 per cartridge and slightly more for the larger black one. I've never had any problems with quality.

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