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Yann Dubois Mar 21st 2001 3:18 pm

This is our situation: my fiance and I are getting married this June in Canada. We
are both Canadian, but the difference is that I've lived here for approximately 26
years as Permanent Resident (GC), while she has lived and is living in Canada and
does not have a GC. Her mother is American, but has only lived 8 years in the U.S.,
and that when she was still quite young. My fiance will be graduating this May as a
grade school teacher after 4 years of university, and second degree in English.

My question is, based on all that, what options do we have for her to immigrate to
the States? Even if she does not initially have the right to work here, our main goal
right now is to be here together. Some options we've been considering are for her to
apply for a teaching position in a public or private school district, and she has
been sending her resume to districts in my area. However, I've been told that H1-B
visas are not given out very often to teachers who are not teaching college or
university level.

We've also been told that the easiest way would be to start applying for a GC for her
as soon as we were married, based on my status here, and that she could live here on
a B-1 or B-2 visa during the application time. How long are B-1 and B-2 visas valid
for, and are they renewable? also, I believe that she would need to return to Canada
every 3 months on such a visa - for how long of a period at a time?

Could she initially come here as a visitor while we are applying for a GC? and how
would that affect her application if it was possible?

Lots of questions, and little time left. I am aware that there are several ways for
Canadians to immigrate to the U.S., but I wish I had a better idea of which route
to pursue!

Any suggestions and recommendations are very welcome.

- Yann

Yann Dubois Mar 21st 2001 3:23 pm

If responding to me directly, please remove the "SPAMNOT" from my email address.

Thank you!

- Yann

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