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Vaseepoo Jan 30th 2021 11:33 pm

U.K. versus North America Mattress Sizes
Hi all,

Hoping someone can advise with a bit of a specific question.
We are in the process of getting ready to pack all our things for the big move from Canada to England (eek!) and we are wondering about shipping our crib mattress.
I know that a North American twin bed frame/ mattress and queen bed frame/ mattress is a different size than a European version so we are bringing our current bed-frames, mattresses and I did a massive IKEA sheet shop to hopefully last us a few years at least.

However does anyone know if a North American crib is a different size to a European crib? We are definitely bringing the crib frame but can I buy a mattress for it in the U.K. or will I not find one that fits? (Similar to the queen and twin bed situation). A mattress just takes up so much space!


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