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Noh Feb 9th 2021 11:51 am

Transfer of Residence

We were living in the past 6 years in Canada.

We went back from Canada to the UK in October 2020 and did an extensive jobs search, and landed jobs to start in April.
Because of the covid, in the Uk, we lived in a services appartment to protect our loved ones.

While in the UK, we have kept a small rental flat in Canada and our belongings were and are still in a storage and in this flat.

We are now back in Canada to pack our belongings, furnitures,...
With the various quarantine, this is a 2 months process.

We are truly confused with the TOR.
We have read the instructions online but, as we have lived in the UK for the past 3 months, how can we fill it?
They ask: "scanned proof of the non-UK address you’re moving from, such as a utility bill" but will it create confusion as we consider we are resident from the Uk since October?

We just want to make sure we are filling it according it to reality: we are living in the UK since October, for residence and taxes purposes.

Therefore, how will you fill it?

Thank you so much for your answer,

durham_lad Feb 9th 2021 8:41 pm

Re: Transfer of Residence
We were in a similar situation when we moved back from the USA. We retained a rented apartment in the USA and moved to the UK to a rented house where we immediately became resident, signed onto the electoral role, signed up with a GP etc. 6 months later we went back to the USA for a couple of months while we sold up and moved back. We were resident in both countries during this period so there was no conflict in supplying our US address and utility bill as proof of residence on the ToR form.

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