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Jerseygirl Dec 16th 2019 11:29 pm

Re: Over 40's Moving Back and Catching Up
I moved to the US from Cheshire in 1996. Apart from a few new buildings here and there, I can’t say there has been any great changes. The road system has changed around Manchester Airport and there are many more offices in that area than there was.

What I did notice was how the high streets have changed. Gone are many of the independent shops and chain stores. They have mostly been replaced with betting and charity shops. Yes there are more vehicles on the roads, but that would probably apply anywhere.

between two worlds Dec 17th 2019 8:33 am

Re: Over 40's Moving Back and Catching Up
Yes, the high streets have changed and it is a huge concern. Direct result of people doing so much shopping online. I am so upset and worried about it, because a town is more than just buildings and shops, it's the heart of a community.

People need to move into towns and the edges of towns, and make the town centre the place where they go for shopping and banking, before even more banks and shops close! We are living car-free and can walk to two shopping areas, and so we go that rather than go to the out-of-town "big box" centres that you have to drive to (though buses do go there too if we need). American towns were killed by these big box shopping centres outside towns, even before the internet! In Britain we should have learned from that mistake...

Rant over! Anyway, "comfy old slipper," yes, it does feel like that to me, though it's true I came back at least twice a year so I did see changes gradually rather than encounter them after a long absence, as you will BEVS. Certainly hope you do manage to make this September visit!

shelley748 Dec 20th 2019 7:18 pm

Re: Over 40's Moving Back and Catching Up

Originally Posted by BEVS (Post 12779614)
I find that really interesting. I wonder how I will feel when we make our visit. Will I see wall to wall people and cars or will I feel home.

I am thinking we can get back hopefully around September time. I've wanted to go back to the UK for so long now that it sort of becomes a worry to see it after a decade away.
Hopefully it will feel like a comfy old slipper.

Hope you have a lovely time!

Novocastrian Dec 20th 2019 7:30 pm

Re: Over 40's Moving Back and Catching Up

Originally Posted by shelley748 (Post 12779209)
i am put off as well by the reported quality of healthcare and lack of policing, maybe Boris can do something!

Err, Boris and his predecessors since 2010 already did something. They caused the problems you mention to the extent that such problems exist.
My personal experience in the 4.5 years since we came back is that the NHS (both our GP Clinic and our local hospitals, believe me we've made use of both) remains excellent and our policing service is more than adequate.

I do, of course, recognise that this is because of dedicated efforts by staff to maintain standards in the face of severe cutbacks inflicted by the Tories.

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