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NativeFirst Jun 3rd 2018 1:59 pm

Original Documents
Applying for a spouse visa.

Does one have to send original documents, such as marriage certificates etc, to Sheffield? I am really uncomfortable with this, especially because I have had bad experiences in the past where important documents have been lost by government departments or gone missing in the post.

I can understand having to send my wife's passport so that she can have the visa stamped in it, although I belong to a generation which remembers simply going to the local British High Commission and presenting passports there for stamping etc.

Say my wife applies from her home country and I, meanwhile, am living in the UK. Could she send the documents to me and then I go in person to Sheffield, have them scanned or whatever, and then have the documents (except presumably her passport) returned to me on the spot? Or are there other arrangements which can be done?

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