good for the economy?

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Default good for the economy?

I just watched a TV discussion on Illegal Immigrants. The concensus was that
Immigration is good for the economy because immigrants do jobs American's
wont' do. As a young man from the Oklahoma dust bowl I can say that
American's will do any job that must be done. I personally worked the
fields, dug the ditches, cleaned the toilets, all the while going to night
school to become an engineer. Along the way I taught myself music
composition and learned to play several musical instruments including piano
and guitar. Immigration is simply musical chairs, The Roman Catholic Church
prohibits birth control and the result is overpopulation. These unfortunate
people must migrate to some country that does encourage birth control and
thus has a booming economy and little poverty. To say immigration is "good
for the economy" is rediculous, if it were true Mexico would welcome
Immigrants to help their economy. Most notable they actually PROHIBIT
foreigner's from working there or even owning property. I have a lot of
sympathy for these unfortunate People who are in such financial need. The
solution, though, is not to place the failed policies of the RomanCatholic
Church onto the backs of the American Taxpayer. The solution is ZERO
POPULATION GROWTH as being practised in China. We no longer hear of starving
Chinese as we did when I was young. China has developed a thriving and
growing economy primarily by limiting their population.
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Default Re: good for the economy?

i guess you should not generalize,

you may have been doing a lot of things, but saying that you can
handle all work is basicly wrong. I'm pretty much sure that you
wouldn't be able to do graph. design work on the level i can handle it
and so you wouldn't be able to prepare Mercedes Benz campaign as good
as i had for instance. So Mercedes could sell much more cars and make
general economy better. ( this is just an example )

Beyond non educated people doing some crapy works in US, there are
plenty of them doing stuff that avarage american could not handle.

But i guess the major point of the problem with illegal immigrants is
that they are not able to pay taxes ( even if they want to do so ).
Making proces of getting ss numbers for them easy even when they're
illegal will make more money for government.

the only thing that concerns me is the fact that they call it
Temporary Workers and planty of those illegal people could be afraid
to register becouse of threat of beeing kick out of US after 3 years.

If they would go with blanked amnesty (which bush oposses) and provide
greencards for all illegals it would be more propable that all of the
illegal would come out of the shadow and try to be a regular US
(almost) citizen. Working paying taxes and stuff.


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