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Wombat7 Oct 9th 2014 12:42 pm

Re: building up credit rating

Originally Posted by dunroving (Post 11432846)
My experience was that while my overseas and prior UK NCB (about 25 years' claim-free driving) was taken into consideration, my premium was higher for a couple of years because of no recent driving experience in the UK.

In other words, as an overseas driver, I was deemed to be a greater danger on the roads until I got used to driving on the left and using roundabouts. ;)

Sounds quite reasonable to me.

My city planners have decided to try roundabouts in some areas in Toronto. So how do they do that? Well first build roundabout and then put stop signs on the east west road, and no stop sign on the north south road:ohmy:

Janelle Oct 10th 2014 5:20 am

Re: building up credit rating
My impression is that things such as no claims, credit histories, bank accounts, etc all transfer from Canada and Oz a little more easily than they do from the US. OP is moving from the US to UK.

Wombat7 Oct 10th 2014 10:31 am

Re: building up credit rating
Interesting Janelle. One on line quote did say that all no claims had to be earned in UK. But quote partner got was way less than we pay in Toronto. Nice to have one thing that will be cheaper

travelpro Oct 15th 2014 8:20 pm

Re: building up credit rating

Originally Posted by lgabriel73 (Post 11421147)
If you have an Amex you can actually change that to a UK Amex once you get back without having to go through the UK credit stuff as its based on your current Amex account. They dont give you a high credit line but its enough to start building up your UK credit.

This is great advice. I opened up an Amex in Canada for this very reason. After over 6 years away my credit file will be as if I never lived there. So a great way to reestablish. I've found a lot of places don't take it in Canada. Is this the same in UK?

TempestD Oct 17th 2014 2:23 pm

Re: building up credit rating
[QUOTE=Wombat7;11415491]Moving back to UK after 34 years out of country. Have opened HSBC account and have a UK a HSBC credit card. All done from Canada.

How did you go about setting up the account from within Canada? I am trying to do that but they want a prove of address in the UK, which i will not be able to provide until after the move..

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