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ESL May 13th 2015 6:02 pm

Problems Equalizing Degree in Abu Dhabi
Hi Everyone

I'm a TESOL teacher I'm going through the laborious process of getting my English degree equalized in Abu Dhabi. I have all of the relevant documentation in place (attested degree, ID Docs, etc)

It turns out I have to present my GCSEs. Only problem is that my results for these exams were awful (if I remember correctly, I got four, all D and below, and one of them was a U!). I went on to get good grades at A level and other qualifications. But I'm worried that if the MOE see how poor my results were they could reject my equivalency.

Actually, they haven't asked specifically for my GCSEs, they asked for my "High School" exam results. As "High School" doesn't exist in the UK, could this be taken to mean college?

How much of a risk is this?


busybee2 May 13th 2015 7:17 pm

Re: Problems Equalizing Degree in Abu Dhabi
they mean your alevels, ie they usually require your latest results so normally that you would a degree, if you dont have that then they say high sch which to me in uk terms is alevels etc.

archie159 May 14th 2015 9:57 am

Re: Problems Equalizing Degree in Abu Dhabi
BB2 is correct. High school = A levels. And if you have a "proper" bachelors degree (ie not a distance learning 50-quid version), that should be all that is needed - you should not need to present A level certificates at all, unless (I'm guessing here) you were being hired to teach something different to your degree - in which case I could understand that they might wish to see your relevant A level quals. But TESOL should, I'd have thought, require English degree cert only. I'd get this clarified - HR departments over here are typically useless, and will routinely not make it clear exactly what they require.

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