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Charl01 May 13th 2019 6:08 am

Moving to Kuwait
hello you all,

So last time I asked about moving to DXB.....well my lovely company decided I am more needed in Kuwait!

No I know nothing about Kuwait, I am a simple dude from Saudi :-), I am hoping to get as much info as possible on the place.

I'll be moving with the wife and 13 year old daughter, thankfully they never lived in Saudi with me.


asjglx May 13th 2019 6:35 am

Re: Moving to Kuwait

I've been in Kuwait for 18 months now, it was a bit of a shock after having lived in sleepy Muscat for 5 years. I can write a bit more later or answer any specific questions if you have any. The first thing I would say is make sure you choose very carefully where you live. The traffic here is ridiculous and if you make a poor decision about where you live, you could easily spend an hour each way getting to and from work.

Also make sure that you are eligible for a driving licence, the conditions are strict here. I'm sure you will be fine but best double check - you will need to meet certain criteria (education, salary and job title) in order to be able to get a licence in your first 2 years. You will also need all documents to be translated and attested before you can submit them for a licence. This is where I became stuck, I had to send my degree certificate back to the UK to be attested at the Kuwait Embassy in London.

I'll be back later when I get to my office. It's a very quiet Ramadan for me...

Charl01 May 13th 2019 6:43 am

Re: Moving to Kuwait
Ah this is a great start, thank you.

I do not have any specific questions, and just trying to get as much info as possible at the moment

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