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Default moving to Doha

Hi there,

It looks like my 3 kids and I will be moving to Doha to join my husband, who works there. He's been rotating for the last couple of years, but now will be more than likely staying long term, hence our move.

He knows quite a few British expats (anyone here familiar with Florida Homes?? ) out there who can help us to settle in. I'm glad my husband knows the city and its rhythms well.

I'm looking forward to it but am nervous for the sake of the, friends, activities, and so on.

I'd welcome comments regarding this city and the education, etc. for the kids.


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Hello Bonnie

Don't know if I can help much, or even if you've given up waiting for a reply.
I don't come in this room very often, I'm usually found in the Oz section.
Anyway, I've had some first hand experience of childhood in Doha.
My dad joined the Qatari airforce in the late 70s. Mum, sis and I joined him in 1980. I was 8 and sister was 10.
We spent 10 years living there until the Kuwait war kicked off.

Qatar is really not a bad place, and from what I've heard it's still the same if not better.

From a social point of view, my folks had a ball as the expat community sticks together well. I remember my parents putting lots of effort in to social get togethers and getting lots of rewards from it.

My sister and I didn't fair too badly either. Great schools - Doha English Speaking Junior and the Doha College. I was an under achiever in the UK until I went there. I put it down to the quality of the education, not any extra effort on my part.

I remember there was always plenty to do. Swimming, camping, sailing to name a few. Most of time I met up with friends in the safety of a housing compound or social club.

Shops were ok. Very good meat from NZ (no pork though!), plenty of cheap eletrical goods, but I don't know about clothes. I can remember getting most of mine from the souqs, and I do remember mum talking about the indian tailors being good.

Anyway, you are probably there by now. Hope you're enjoying it.
If I can provide any insight (albeit 15 years out of date) let me know.

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I just stumbled on this forum through a link from another site. I don't live in Doha but my parents have lived there for 10 years. I have two school-aged brothers, who went through DES and are now at Doha College, and have a great time. I think the American Schools are supposed to be very good too.

Doha has changed immensely in 10 years, and is now but more like Dubai - but with even better shopping perhaps(?). There are a few hugs malls, plus loads of plush hotels with great restaurants etc. No problem with clothes etc - all the usual British shops - Debenhams, Next, Monsoon, M&S, plus American chains too I think, and all the tailors. It still has much more of an Arab feel to it than Dubai though, which is a good thing IMO.

There are loads of activities for kids and adults.

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Hi Bonnie

Just joined this site and read your post. I have lived in Doha (with a couple of short breaks away) since 1982. Is Florida Homes still around? playing darts there in the late 80's. Lots of changes here...a lot of them for the better. Can remember when the 'C' ring road was the outer limits of the city. Both my kids where educated here at DESS and Doha College and now my grandchildren are in the education system here. Plenty of choice in that area but advise asking other parents. Sorry cant agree with donjc that Doha is a rival to Dubai....having lived in Abu Dhabi and visited Dubai regularly....Doha has still got a long way to go! Plenty to do here though and it shouldnt take you long to settle in and find your way around. Good Luck.
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