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medazoumian Nov 10th 2019 7:54 pm

Living in Saudi Arabia, Riyadh Compound

i may be moving to Riyadh over the next 9 months. I will be travelling with my wife and newborn and would appreciate any recommendations for compounds.

Has anyone heard pros/cons of Wadi Al Qurtubah, Al Nahkla,California or Arizona compounds?

I'm keen to understand suitability for stay-at-home mums, nursery provisions, cleanliness and high-level rental rates for 2 bed apartments/villas.

thanks all!


nottmbantam Nov 11th 2019 7:31 am

Re: Living in Saudi Arabia, Riyadh Compound
Hello and welcome,
Without meaning to sound rude, this type of quetion is asked frequently on this board, so if you do a quick search, you can find heaps of information on this subject.

But, to save you the trouble, 'cos I'm a kind soul, here is some basic info:
Wadi Qurtoba - probably the best ( and cetainly the most newest ) compound. Very high standard. Very big compound, not sure of the occupancy rate yet. Earlier this year, it was around 10% as it had just opened. 2 bed apartment is 150k SR pa. Has all the usual stuff - gym, restaurant, high security , etc. If I wanted to spend that sort of money, that's where I'd live.

Al Nakhla - Second most newst. Expensive, and in my view, over priced for the size of the actual accommodation. Good facilities. I think a 2 bed is circa 200k.

California - again, very big compound, good facilities, but all apartments ( no villas with gardens) and a few high rise blocks. One of the more expensive ones. Last time I checked, 2 bed apartment was around 200k

Arizona. The oldest one in your list, but its quite small in comparison to the others ( owned by the same people as California ) , and a good standard so tends to be very popular. Usually full of American arseholes. Nice 9 hole golf course , very green and pleasant. 2 bed apartment will be minimum of 150k I imagine. Last time I checked was many years ago and the price was 220k, but many compounds have reduced their prices due to the large numbers of Western expats leaving.

All the ones you have mentioned are relatively close to another, in quite close proximity, so whichever one you choose, you'd be in the North of Riyadh. It's a good spot, not too far from the airport, the ring road, and decent shopping facilties. Also the British School is nearby. Most compounds now have immediate availability.

Good luck.

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