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ChestRockwell Sep 4th 2015 6:20 am

KSA visa and medical

Can anyone going through the process shine light on what is actually required to pass the VIsa medical exam? The form on the UK embassy website looks pretty basic but it mentions bloods, stool, urine and chest X-ray. I'm getting conflicting reports of whether all this is required, but the costs of this in the UK will be nearly £500 to have all done, and it seems it's all done again on arrival. So what is essential? I have a GP friend who could complete the form but not all the bloods and xRays.

Also, which is considered an absolute bar to entry? while legally I am able to drive in UK and hold driving license I have poor vision in one eye. I also have a past history of depression but have no current problems need for medication etc. should I declare this on the form as it doesn't look like they check medical records anyway?



scotspot Sep 4th 2015 10:02 am

Re: KSA visa and medical

Usually for a Saudi Work Visa you would apply through an agent in London. Your place of work in Saudi usually pays all costs. There's a delay this year because all applicant qualifications are being checked out. I understand that visit and business visas are not so stringent.

Medical - high cost is probably because they are done in Harley Street, London. The medical is not too onerous, in London only a urine and blood sample are required. Doctor asks about your medical history, sounds your chest, checks ears and vision and that's about it. You go to a another clinic in Harley Street for a chest x-ray.

I believe you owe it to your employer to disclose your medical history. Life is tough in Saudi, you need to be robust to be able to cope with that.

You do have to go through a similar medical for your Iqama application while in Saudi, chest x-ray and blood, urine & stool samples.

If you are female you are not permitted to drive. Males should take their UK driving license with them but taking a driving test there is not expensive or difficult.

Hope this helps.

ChestRockwell Sep 4th 2015 12:14 pm

Re: KSA visa and medical
Thanks scotspot but it doesn't really answer my question, which is more about how the saudi authorities view a PMh Of depression. Many people now have a past history of depression and have recovered fully from it. Since I had it I've worked overseas on 3 different continents, in the third world and in war zones and coped fine, so I'm sure I could cope with living in an expat compound in Riaydh etc. I've been off treatment for years. I've never and any problems with visas for non GCC countries,but they are possibly more enlightened and less backward in medical thinking than elsewhere - and the stigma sticks - people with a history of depression automatically assumed 'won't cope with stress etc' which is simply untrel

What I'm asking is is this a country where they simply adopt a blanket ban on anyone with a mental health history, as they do for HIV, a perfectly treatable condition,nor have they moved out of the Middle Ages Given 1000s of expats move there each year, I cannot believe all are 'untarnished' with no mental health pasts history. I'm asking what experiences other expats have had, and I owe it do my employer to disclose what is relevant to my current ability to do my job, and nothing else. As it doesn't remotely affect my ability to do my job, and I have coped with stressful working environments (with bullets flying by etc) since the diagnosis, I don't want some admin person rubber stamping refused because they don't understand the condition.

So I'm asking- have other expats moving to KSA or any other GCC countries who are currently well, but had a past history of depression or other psychiatric diagnoses on their records declared it, had problems with getting a visa for it, or know of someone refused for it. An enlightened country wouldn't bat an eyelid. But we all know they we can't assign that status to some gulf countries or cultures.

Anyone who prefers not to post on thread but direct message me would be gratefully received,


CR (ex military)

Gobobo Sep 4th 2015 1:01 pm

Re: KSA visa and medical

Originally Posted by ChestRockwell (Post 11740453)
I cannot believe all are 'untarnished' with no mental health pasts history.

If they weren't before they came to the KSA, they certainly were after :rofl:

Sorry, couldn't resist. As ex-military I'm sure you're aware of "Don't ask, don't tell." That covers a multitude of sins here in the Big Sandpit, why do you think the walls around homes and compounds are so high?

Originally Posted by ChestRockwell (Post 11740453)
An enlightened country wouldn't bat an eyelid.

I wouldn't be so sure, many employers in 'enlightened countries' would turn you down if you gave full disclosure. What has anyone got to gain by you doing so?

scotspot Sep 4th 2015 1:34 pm

Re: KSA visa and medical
Sorry, was just answering your question at beginning of message
"Can anyone going through the process shine light on what is actually required to pass the VIsa medical exam?"

super_hans Sep 5th 2015 8:20 am

Re: KSA visa and medical
If my experience of a Harley Street KSA medical is anything to go by, you won't even be asked. They are looking for Hep, HIV and STI's, the chest x ray (when I asked) was just looking for any TB scarring. Otherwise a very simple process, blood pressure etc.
On arrival in KSA, took bloods, urine and stools (no chest x ray)and a full 60 seconds with the Doc who asked me if I had diabetes. Iqama was in my hand a week later.

Really, nothing to worry about and contrary to other comments, KSA ain't so bad. Just come with a positive attitude and you'll be fine.

mission Sep 5th 2015 11:31 am

Re: KSA visa and medical
i wouldn't disclose about your depression - these are arabs you are dealing with and saudis at that, the worst possible bunch of people on this earth (yes i hate the mofo's) who probably view depression as a weakness and lack of masculinity in not being able to cope.

as you have said yourself you are well and truly over your depression and have managed several positions since, so why even mention it.

ChestRockwell Sep 7th 2015 3:58 pm

Re: KSA visa and medical
Is this the correct form which I downloaded from Saudi embassy website today?

sicklyman Sep 9th 2015 2:39 pm

Re: KSA visa and medical
that looks about right. I wouldn't bother declaring anything to do with depression from what you've stated here. Let's face it, most people coming to work in Saudi who haven't had a history of it are certainly at more risk of becoming depressed while working here so it's hardly a barrier to keeping a job down.

You really should employ a visa agent to do your medical. Harley Medic are good. Pricey, but good.

phoenix2010 Sep 12th 2015 1:51 pm

Re: KSA visa and medical
To the best of my knowledge, Harley Medical no longer offer this service.

Swansea Sep 12th 2015 9:04 pm

Re: KSA visa and medical
I've done it through Gulf Visa Ltd - google and contact them if needed.

simonckenyon Sep 13th 2015 12:57 pm

Re: KSA visa and medical
I've just been through the process, so I can provide some details.
The embassy won't deal with you. You have to go via and agent.
They will give you the correct form.
I went through <<<snip>>>
The have a UK office.

They will point you at a doctor who will do the medical. I was in Ireland and the cost was euro 200 for the medical and another 70 for the x-rays. The actual visa cost 150.

When you get here you have to do another one. That costs SAR350. The take blood, urine and stool (a first for me) and x-rays. I just did a walk-in an it took about 20 minutes.

FriendlyExpat Sep 15th 2015 9:22 pm

Re: KSA visa and medical
Definitely don't declare anything like depression!

The tests are always a bit variable. Once in KSA you may need to do a urine + poo test or only a urine test depending on your luck and the doctor you get.

Jason70 Dec 13th 2015 3:13 pm

Medical Test for work visa in KSA
HI all

First post. Glad to be member of such an active and helpful forum.

I searched but could not find an answer to my question, so starting a new thread. Please bear with me if it has been answered before.

I have a job offer in Saudi and since I'm not very fit, i was going through the medical requirements for the work visa. I saw news saying that since Jan 15, among other illnesses, people with psychiatric disorder, diabetes and hypertension would not be granted a visa to work in the GCC.

Is that correct? If yes, then it's devastating news because unfortunately i suffer from all three and take medication for them. Since a medical report would be required from my GP, there is no way i can get away by not mentioning. Even if i could i need repeat prescriptions, so I'd have to consult a doctor once in Saudi.

Can someone please confirm?

Anxious in london (pun unintended:()

Jason70 Dec 13th 2015 3:41 pm

Re: KSA visa and medical

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