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FriendlyExpat Dec 17th 2018 12:18 pm

How to buy a used car in Saudi
Hi all,

I'm sure this has been endlessly asked, but anyone have any idea of how to buy a used car from another expat in Riyadh? Any recommendations for a decent garage to get the car checked over? Our office manager is on vacation so I can't ask him unfortunately and it's urgent as they want a quick sale...


nonthaburi Dec 26th 2018 11:27 am

Re: How to buy a used car in Saudi
Admittedly it's a few years since I did this, but as I recall, the seller needs to take the car to do an up to date MVPI inspection.

The place to do this in Riyadh is on the northern ringroad, east of the Eastern ringroad on the way to Dammam, on the northern side of the road. This only applies if the vehicle is over three years old I think. If it's not ignore that.

The buyer needs to get a letter from his company authorizing him to be able to buy a car. I'm fairly sure this had to be stamped at the chamber of commerce.

the buyer and seller then go together to one of the agents who arrange the transfer. In Riyadh this would mean going down Khurais road to where all the second hand car shops are(around exit26?).

the seller presents the old istamara etc, the buyer presents his letter, ID, license I think. The agent will then do the transfer. It's all online nowadays and relatively painless. The buyer will be given a piece of paper that shows the car is yours. From this paper you can make an atm style card istamara later on at the traffic police, although you don't have to.

one caveat though, the insurance may take longer to be arranged. IMO under no circumstances should you drive that car till you have insurance because if there's an accident, which let's face it, you're in Riyadh is extremely likely, you're screwed.

just wait the couple of days and you have piece of mind

that's as much as I can remember, as it was over three years ago now. May have changed anyway.

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