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Yacoub Apr 7th 2014 9:17 am

Final Exit Visa & leaving Saudi Arabia with my indemnity/severance payout & no hassle

I am leaving Saudi Arabia for good (Final Exit). I have been in the college for a number of years so I will (hopefully) be receiving a severance/indemnity payout from the college. However, I am concerned about the timetable involved. I have been told that I will receive my indemnity sometimes in May, perhaps at the end of May. However, the administration of the college is telling me that they expect me to leave at the end of May. I have very often seen people get extremely nervous and upset as they waited for their indemnity check with their final exit date getting closer and closer. Technically, I can stay in Saudi Arabia until August 31, 2014 (my contract finishes then), but I know that administration will want to see the last of me before then. There are no hard feelings here, but business is business. The present term finishes on May 29, 2014 and I am not teaching this summer so why should I, in the opinion of administration, linger in Saudi Arabia any longer than necessary? However, again, I would like my money before I go. I have been told that one way in the past to delay the issuing of the final exit visa is to simply withhold one’s passport. Conventional wisdom here says that no passport, no Final Exit Visa (yes, I do understand that I have to eventually give them my passport. I said “delay” the issuing of the Final Exit Visa, not stop it altogether). However, now everything involving the Ministry of the Interior is electronic therefore can my employer give me a Final Visa without them actually having my passport? By the way, this isn’t all about money. What I am trying to avoid is suddenly being told that I have, for example, twenty days to sell my car, close my bank account, cancel my credit card, have my iqama cancelled and so on or risk being labeled an “overstayer” after my Final Visa expires. Any advice and/or information anyone can give me in this matter is greatly appreciated.

EastWest Apr 7th 2014 10:04 am

Re: Final Exit Visa & leaving Saudi Arabia with my indemnity/severance payout & no ha
I see no harm of being labled as overstayer, unless if you plan to return to dark ages kingdom in the near future.
I suspect you are Muslim, so the other thing you can do is to leave and come back on Umra/Hajj visa to finish your issues.

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