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Fashion designer moving to Dubai

Fashion designer moving to Dubai

Old Nov 12th 2003, 6:25 pm
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Default Fashion designer moving to Dubai

Hi all

Just got a job offer in Dubai and wanted to know what u all think of this package:

Salary 5000 AED/ mnth (£862)

Travel allowance 500 AED/ mnth (£103)

They provide accomodation totalling to 25,000 AED/ yr in Burdubai or oud metha for a studio. Asked for a 2bed, (us designers need our space!) but they tell me it would cost around 45000 AED/ yr. What are these areas like? All I would have to pay for are utilities they say would total to apprx 150 AED/ mnth. How true is that in you experience? The apartment would be furnished to a total of 4000 AED

They pay for Private Medical Cover 158 AED/mnth (£28)
Ramadan Bonus 417 AED / mnth (£72)
And a return ticket home per yr with 1 mnth vacation/ yr, 24 days in 1st yr.

You see I have no idea of the cost of living out there, and no idea of what the average designer/ person earns.

I am a 24 yr old female travelling alone, I shouldn't have any problems right? These apartments in these areas, do they contain gym, sauna etc? How much is membership out there? Also how much is a can of coke?

Thanks for all comments and advice in advance.
from a :scared: but excited individual
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Old Nov 13th 2003, 8:40 am
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Hi vg,

I'm out to Dubai in January and it's all very exciting and very scary at the same time. Uprooting your life and going to a different culture let alone a different country is bound to make you a little apprehensive.

My partner and I have done tons of research and have asked a million people and have come away with a few major comments.

1. You lucky b*$&*&d.
2. You will love it, it's an amazing place.
3. It probably more tolerant than England
4. It's definitely a lot safer than England.

I haven't heard one bad thing. It would be naive to think that it's paradise but on the whole it's a good place, bloody hot in the summer though. 40+ degrees - sod that!

As long as you respect the fact that you are in a Muslim country and don't wear skimpy clothes when shopping etc... then you'll be fine. I know it was a concern of my partner but she's cool with the whole thing now.

As far as the package is concerned, I have no idea and I will be interested in seeing what is said.

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Old Nov 14th 2003, 1:51 pm
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Default Re: moving to Dubai

I am also moving to Dubai in January. I went out there a few weeks ago to try and make up my mind about moving, and although I was only there for 48 hours I picked up a few things. Cost of food and drink etc is reasonably cheap in supermarkets but considerably more expensive in hotel bars as you would expect. Saying that, judging from the local Time Out you can spend as much or as little as you want on a meal out - there's everything from Burger King to TGIF and Pizza Express, right up to exclusive and v. expensive restaurants.

I don't know how much you would be paid for a similar job in the UK but I guess if you add up all the extras, including medical cover, flights home etc, plus the lack of tax, it comes out more favourably. As for accommodation, Bur Dubai is the name of one area of Dubai - the city is split by the creek and one side of it is called Bur Dubai and the other is called Deira. As there are lots of smaller areas within that, perhaps you could ask for a bit more info as to exactly you end up? Certain areas within Bur Dubai have more expats than others, and according to an estate agent I met, most blocks have a communal pool or gym. From what I could see, a 2 bed place is more likely to cost 40,000 onwards, but there are upcoming areas where prices are cheaper. Maybe you could ask them to put the 25,000 towards housing and you pay the rest?

I don't think you will have a problem as a single girl - there are lots of single western women out there on their own and it seemed very safe to me. One thing I think you'd definitely need is a car, as there's a limited bus service and not much else. It seems they're pretty cheap to pick up, and if all else fails, taxis are really cheap. I think I'm going to get cabs til my boyfriend joins me so he can choose the car!

A good book that I've found really useful with practical info is called Dubai Explorer - it's got lots of ads which put me off at first as I thought that might compromise the editorial, but it's actually been great with a good breakdown of districts and red tape etc, and a map - which I couldn't find anywhere in Dubai itself - probably because things are changing so fast.

Finally, re: comments about unmarried couples living together - according to my employers it's nothing to worry about, 'everyone does it', etc etc. I think the thing to do is register the property in only one person's name just in case.
Good luck to all of us!
Old Nov 15th 2003, 10:10 am
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Thanks for the feedback. Much appreciated

I am speaking to loads of people who have lived/ still live in dubai, but I'd like to get all your opinions on the dress code for myself, and the natives. I think that my biggest concern is that I will lose touch of London fashion when I return. How easy is it to keep up to date with the trends and news over here? Ultimately I want to set up my own label in London.

The average designer with my level of experience would earn around £25k with a corporate co, so relatively (just off the top of my head and my maths isnt that good) I would be able to save quite a bit, if the cost of living in considerably cheaper.

Also, know of anyone who has set up their own business in Dubai whether it be in fashion or anything else?

Thanks again in advance.
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Old Nov 18th 2003, 9:20 am
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As for keeping up with fashion, when I lived there Dubai was usually about a year ahead! It was a really American based fashion culture, but that was when I was a kid so maybe that was just the 'in' thing at the time. There are HEAPS of fashion shops (proper Calvin Klein etc) in some of the malls (some good ones in BurJuman as far as I can remember). Plus you'll have Satellite so you'll always be able to keep in touch with what's happening back home! Good luck, I really envy you, I have to wait a year or so before we can move
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