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lordshine Dec 23rd 2006 1:19 pm

Entry-stamp/visit-visa/residency for a new born
Hello folks – need to pick your brains quickly....

I collect a first-issue passport from the british embassy (Dubai) on Thurs for my new-born girl (1 month old) who was born at the American Hospital. I need to fly with her back to the UK for some urgent family business ASAP.

Here in the UAE I have 120 days from the birth date to get a residency visa for her (obviously not done this yet). As I want to travel straight away and she doesn’t have an entry-stamp or visit-visa can we just leave the UAE? (I assume we will get some grief at the the airport).

Otherwise, does anyone know how to go about getting an entry-stamp/ visit-visa in such a situation (and how quickly can this be done)? Might be fastest just to get the residency for her with me sponsoring, anyone know how long this takes either?

Thanks for any quick-fire responses.

Zannie Dec 23rd 2006 2:20 pm

Re: Entry-stamp/visit-visa/residency for a new born
Not sure about this, however if it was me, I'd check with the immigration department before we leave. I would take a copy of her birth certificate along with her passport when leaving to prove she was born here and hasn't left the country, also you being a resident (as shown in your passport) I'm guessing that's all you'll need. However, this is Dubai and you never know.

Failing that, maybe the British Consulate might be able to tell you?

sassy Dec 24th 2006 3:31 pm

Re: Entry-stamp/visit-visa/residency for a new born
We had our first son in OZ and got the passport but never a visa we just didnt think of it and no one told us.... when we left the country they actually said at the airport that legally we couldnt take the baby with us as he had no visa......... they did just let us go though with no fuss.. I guess it could be similar here so you better check........ :)

Jamila Dec 26th 2006 9:09 pm

Re: Entry-stamp/visit-visa/residency for a new born
When we had our baby in Dubai we were told that the baby could not leave the country until she had her own passport and her own residency visa.

As long as you have the birth certificate in English and Arabic it will only take you a day or two to get the residency visa, just need the passport, birth certificates (which I assume have already been stamped by several agencies), photographs and your salary confirmations etc.

lordshine Dec 27th 2006 10:36 am

Re: Entry-stamp/visit-visa/residency for a new born
Thanks for your replies,

I asked my company PRO today and was told that I need an "out pass" from Dubai Immigration (this assumedly is his expression for whatever I need), however - if I am travelling from Dubai Airport and have the birth certificate etc I should 'get away with it'.

As I want to travel early next week there is no time to get her a residency permit (which is slightly complicated by the fact my residency visa is from Sharjah), especially with the holidays.

Think I'll try for an "out pass", I'll get her residency sorted when I get back with her on a visit visa.

Any interface with government is always fun!!!


lordshine Dec 28th 2006 11:12 am

Re: Entry-stamp/visit-visa/residency for a new born
I'm sure there will be no-one who finds themselves in the same boat (but just in case - the end of the saga.....) an "out pass" is required (my PRO was absolutely spot-on) and is valid for 6 days from issue and must specify the border post or airport which you will be exiting from.

As I still don't know when we will be travelling tp the UK (until I have funeral dates) and immigration will be shut for the next 4 days for Eid & New Year - I was advised to get the out pass for Hatta, drive out and in like you would for a visa run and get her a visit visa. Life with a visit visa is simple. Sorted!!

This has proved to be simple compared with getting UAE immigration to recognise a marriage certificate from a country that has neither a UK Embassy nor a UAE Embassy. A story I will not bore anyone with unless somone finds themselves in a similar predicament.......

Eid Mubarak and Happy New Year :) !!

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