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Back2TheUSA Jan 14th 2018 12:24 pm

Charleston, SC Brits
Morning, all; I'm a (former) Brit, and have been in Charleston SC since 2008. My missus is American, we've been together for 20 years, and moved from Pennsylvania to the UK in 2002 and back here to South Carolina in 2008. My only British contact over here is the owner of The Codfather, literally the best (Proper) fish'n'chips ever! We'd love to make contact with some other local Brits - despite listening to LBC Radio via their podcast service, I (we) kind of miss face to face contact and hearing the (Proper) English accent, don't you know :)

We're an older couple - 'er indoors is semi retired (working part time at a non-profit). I'm still in full time, gainful employment - my computer skills as honed by nearly fifty years of career, are apparently still useful to someone. I see the time approaching when those young hotshots will perhaps displace me, so I am searching for something else to do when that occurs.

We are both into music - I have some guitar, keyboard and recording abilities, whilst Mrs is an experienced vocalist. We have a Soundcloud site at for your listening pleasure.

'Nuff about us - if there's anyone else in sunny Chucktown that would like to meet, greet and eat, please ping me here!


SarahG Jan 14th 2018 3:02 pm

Re: Charleston, SC Brits
I am also in the Charleston area. I am over the bridge in Mt Pleasant. I've been to the Codfather a few times and I'm looking forward to going to the new location once it is open. There are a few Brits I know in town (in Charleston/Mt P/Summerville/Sullivans Island) We occasionally meet up for a pint or 3 at a brewery around the area. I have middle schoolers and they are good at looking after themselves making it easier for me and the husband to go out and have a social life.

Back2TheUSA Jan 14th 2018 4:28 pm

Re: Charleston, SC Brits
I used the term "Charleston area" as you did; we are also Mt P residents. Our kids - two in the UK, two in the US - are mid-30's now, mine with kids of their own. We're not beer drinkers but would like to meet fellow Brits, so do please let us know when your next occasional pub crawl etc is scheduled. I did meet a fellow Scot, former owner of the Americana carwash on 17N (Colin) but I'm no longer in touch.

I was given a tour of the new Codfather location a few weeks back; Adam and Matt have done an awesome job and his business is only going to continue to grow, I'm sure. He's going to have 10+ beers on tap and is situated right between two local breweries. Good planning, that man!

Back2TheUSA Jan 27th 2018 10:27 am

Re: Charleston, SC Brits
Hi Sarah, the new Codfather location is opening today @ 11:00am - we cant make it but I'm gonna try for lunch tomorrow.

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