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ilovecoffee1986 Jun 9th 2021 1:07 am

Any Brits in New Jersey/New York/Pennsylvania Area
I'm a total Anglophile looking to meet any Brits in the New Jersey/New York/Pennsylvania area.

I like to think of myself as a creative, existential, adventurist. I follow my own personal philosophy that life is about living experiences. I crave to be lost in a state of flow (where I'm so emersed in something that hours effortlessly pass) to be empowered in the vast wonders that leave me awe struck (particularly with art & existential philosophy).

I hope to one day share these mindblowing experiences with a special someone where we both continue to learn & grow down our live's paths, and have the ultamite oneness of the universe as the highest state imaginable.

On a side note: I'm an advocate for weed and smoke it daily.

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