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RI207 Sep 29th 2014 1:12 pm

Re: Qatar job offer..advice please?
Considering that EOS benefits are based on base salary I would think the company you pay the fees and give a less basic salary...

Anyway. hardly worth discussing the point as the poster is asking is it a good salary without giving anything to compare pointless exercise :)

Scamp Sep 29th 2014 1:48 pm

Re: Qatar job offer..advice please?

Originally Posted by RI207 (Post 11421981)
Scamp - agree with what you say however what I meant is on that salary it seems the role is a management position.

Now, with such a position and here in Qatar I expect most policies to state they will pay FULL in your community school or have a cap at much higher than 21k....

This is what I have seen in Doha...ofcourse might be different in UAE.....

It's different for every company. Some places just don't want to add too much weight to schooling on purpose.

For example:

John is this guy, 3 kids, wife, the works. Gets cash for housing and basic and schooling. But 3 kids, full schooling = (for example) 50k per child. So 150,000 per year or 12,500 per month. Let's say that's on top of 50k for the rest of it, so 'package value' = 62,500

James is another guy, no kids, wife. Gets same cash for housing and basic but no schooling because he has none. His package value is 50,000.

James might argue he should get 62,500 because that's what the other guy technically gets, it's just James doesn't have kids so misses out on 12,500 a month. John might be no better than James, in fact he isn't 25% better so why should his package be 25% more?

It's just one of MANY reasons that some companies have given as to why they've moved to the all-in cash deals. Massively unlikely to be a main reason but it's not just one or two who have used the above example. Oh, and it doesn't even consider 5 visa costs + 5 medical costs vs 2 visa + 2 medical etc.

Scamp Sep 29th 2014 2:00 pm

Re: Qatar job offer..advice please?
Anyway, let's do some simple maths.

Monthly pay = QR 69,700
Housing (luxury family villa)/utilities provided separately.
Business class tickets for all once yearly back to UK (can be converted to an allowance and choose to fly economy more often).
50 days annual leave (plus 10-15 days public holidays).
Educational allowance for 3 children of QR 21,000 (for each child).
Interest free car loan.

This is:

69,700 +
Housing = 20,000 (conservative) +
Flights = 20,000 x 5 = 100,000 = 8,333 per month +
Education = 21,000 x 3 = 63,000 = 5,250 per month
= 103,283 QAR per month 'package value'
= ~£17,213 tax free, per month 'package value'.

I use 'package value' because that's the real value of what you receive, not just the basic.

Now, in basic terms it's ~£11,616 + House + Flight + Some Schooling.

So, compared to the UK:

£242,950 is the amount you have to earn gross to receive 11,616 nett per month.
Add housing on top, let's say a nice mortgage of 1500 a month. So that figure jumps to ~£277,000

So, this offer is the equivalent of £242,950 + House + Flights for family + Some 'Private' Schooling + Medical + Visas + Gratuity.

My advice to the OP is this:

If you earn less than 11,616 per month nett, then it's worth considering.

Take into account your current nett salary, minus your house costs and any other similar, then look at that figure. If that figure is a chunk lower than 11,616 then it is well worth seriously considering.

DubInRiyadh Sep 29th 2014 2:11 pm

Re: Qatar job offer..advice please?
nice work Scamp

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