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sandrosalemme Dec 12th 2019 4:49 pm

K1 Appointment & DS-160

I was wondering if anyone could clear some queries up for me?

I have completed my US Visa Medical today in London at Knightsbridge Doctors, so now I am onto the stage where I need to book and schedule my interview, however, when I went to schedule it said 'There are no available appointments at the selected location. Please try again later', I then rang up and they explained that the Embassy had closed the calendar, is this normal? How often should I check and how often do they update the calendar?

Also, I have completed the DS160, and printed off the confirmation, however, it didn't ask me to pay, neither did it ask me to pay when I went through the scheduling interview process, so at what point do I pay?

I understand there a lot of queries here, but so far it's been quite a smooth process up to this point. Could just be me overthinking!

civilservant Dec 12th 2019 5:12 pm

Re: K1 Appointment & DS-160

How often should I check and how often do they update the calendar?
Every day, early in the morning. They may have cancellations if your lucky. Otherwise it's just snagging one when they open it up again after the new year.

You have to understand that everything slows down this time of year. Officers take leave to return to the US for Christmas, others are at home with their families. It's like any other office, don't expect much work around the holidays.

sandrosalemme Dec 12th 2019 5:19 pm

Re: K1 Appointment & DS-160
Yeah, I thought this would be the case. I'll keep checking though. Everyone is entitled to a Christmas holiday of course!

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