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Blanca Jan 14th 2021 10:56 am

IR1 Interview checklist London
I have been trying to access website to check what documents to bring with me to my interview (which is in 2 weeks time). Does anyone have any idea why the website is not working? Or can anyone help me with that checklist?
I need?:
my original passport + copy
My Husband's passport copy
My original birth certificate + copy
My husband's birth certificate copy
My acro police certificate + copy
our marriage certificate + copy
DS260 page print out confirmation
Email from the embassy (interview invitation)
My husband's I 864
My husband's tax return 2018 + tax transcript (all uploaded to CEAC)
My husband's new 2019 tax return - no transcript- we tried but can't get it (we have not uploaded new 2019 tax return because we were DQ before he filed his 2019 tax return) + new I864 (his employment changed after we were DQ so we have a new I864 just in case)
my husband's bank statements (as proof of assests)
our joint sponsor's: (none uploaded to CEAC because we decided to have a joint sponsor just in case after my husband's change in employment (after we were DQ):
Copy of birth certificate (joint sponsor)
Copy of passport (joint sponsor)
2019 tax return + transcript (joint sponsor)
joint sponsor's i864
proof of assests (joint sponsor)
my 4 photos (US size)

Anything else I should take with me?

rushie10 Jan 14th 2021 6:48 pm

Re: IR1 Interview checklist London
Try this:
This has been one of my most helpful resources through the process, there are various links from this page to other resources. I take it it didn't say in the email?
I'm still waiting to be assigned an interview, just out of interest, what was your timeframe? When did your doc's get approved by NVC, then when did you get your email about your appointment?
Thanks! All the best.

Blanca Jan 14th 2021 8:04 pm

Re: IR1 Interview checklist London
Thank you so much for the link! It's working! 🤗
Sep 9th - all docs approved
Dec 16th - email with interview date (Jan 13th) - then it was rescheduled to Feb 3rd.

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