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augigi Aug 11th 2017 1:40 am

I-751 approved
I-751 Timeline

9-9-16: Applied for removal of conditions
9-12-16 NOA

Did biometrics and didn't hear anything until now. I went for Infopass appt 8/9 to get a passport stamp to extend my extension letter as my driver license was going to expire. The USCIS agent looked up my case and said it was approved 8-7-17 and the 10yr GC should arrive within the week. Looking forward to getting my first D/L that has more than a 2yr expiration!

Rete Aug 11th 2017 12:22 pm

Re: I-751 approved
Congratulations on the approval. Almost over. Bet you can't wait for the shiny new card.

augigi Aug 13th 2017 2:11 am

Re: I-751 approved
Letter arrived approving the ROC and said should get card within 30-60 days. Hopefully on the lower end so I can renew my D/L.

Thanks Rete :)

Pulaski Aug 13th 2017 3:47 am

Re: I-751 approved

Originally Posted by augigi (Post 12315456)
Letter arrived approving the ROC and said should get card within 30-60 days. .....

Congratulations! I hope yours comes with your name spelled correctly and marked with the right nationality, unlike my original green card. :(

It is still a mystery to me how the federal government managed to utterly screw up a federally-issued photo ID just three months after 9/11 when issues of ID's issued to immigrants was a huge political issue. :unsure:

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