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not2old Oct 8th 2014 5:37 pm

The Surinder Singh route through Malta
on the UK thread there are volumes of pages on the SS route, one in particular by AngelaV with her South African spouse & children that went through Ireland, likely because its an English speaking nation as well as close proximity to the UK.

For those of you UK passport holders with non EU spouses there is the Malta option.

Malta is small, most everyone speaks English, friendly & probably has work available opportunities (or self employed) in Malta than there would be in Ireland for the short duration while you wait for the family permit VAF5 that will take you into the UK.

A poster on BE that went the Malta route in 2014 has given me their permission to post their blog - 'the SS journey through Malta'. See if this helps those looking for an alternative.

An Undivided Family in Malta | A Brit exercising EU Free Movement in Malta with my Canadian wife.

not2old Jan 26th 2015 8:48 pm

re: The Surinder Singh route through Malta
I want to update the info for those considering going the SS route through Malta

This is specific for Malta

Useful Information and Links - Malta - Surinder Singh Route -

Malta - Surinder Singh Route -


In addition to what is posted on the MBTTUK Surinder Singh route thread started by Angela V that went through Ireland

Surinder Singh : British Expat Wiki

not2old Jan 27th 2015 11:38 pm

re: The Surinder Singh route through Malta
from post #400 and #401 in the 'Surinder Singh route' thread

not2old Jan 28th 2015 9:30 am

re: The Surinder Singh route through Malta
The UK visa and Immigration response to the ruling*

*source: BritCits

not2old Jan 28th 2015 11:14 am

re: The Surinder Singh route through Malta
Heath Card application form

Residence guide and application forms *Government Malta website*


Ordinary Residence

Any EU National may submit an application for an Ordinary Residence Permit
provided specific conditions are satisfied. This permit is issued on an indefinite basis.

Financial Qualifications

Applicants must produce documentary evidence of their self - sufficiency which would allow a high standard of living.The whole amount declared is not required to be brought into the country

For self sufficiency, its satisfy either capital or income requirement - you must have health cover under either, not necessarily insurance - the amounts are capital of at least €14,000 or a weekly income of €84.95 or, in the case of a married couple, a capital of €23,300 or a weekly income of €93.10

Tax Rates

not2old Feb 12th 2015 7:46 pm

Re: The Surinder Singh route through Malta

For those considering the SS route through Malta, you may be interested how this option compares to the ever so complicated & expensive ‘Family of a settled person’ visa (AKA Spouse visa)

With input from Dave & Dee as well as other folks that went the SS route through Malta, information below.

It has been suggested that folks going the SS route through Malta do not arrive in the winter, because its likely more difficult to find work - best in the early spring , March onwards, not after September 30

The journey begins

Together the Brit (sponsor) and his/her partner/spouse (applicant) find their way to Malta

- Landing in Malta with non EU spouse/partner, you’re exercising your treaty rights & through immigration.

An approximate start up Budget & activities for the first 30 days while you find your way around

- Short term self catering hotel type (2-3 star) modest accommodation pre-booked prior to arrival [~30 days] €450 - €500 . This serves its purpose and to keep the costs down.

- Cell/mobile phones from (suggested GO provider) €30 each phone + €10 top up. Another option, is when you arrive at Malta airport there is a Vodaphone store where a SIM card can be purchased to go into your unlocked phone. ‘Pay as you go’ top up, this way you have a Malta phone number from the get-go.

- Bus transportation ~€30 each person 30 days, or €6.50/wk pass

- Groceries & eating out two people ~€500 +

Settling in - from this point forward, keep copies of all paperwork, receipts, everything you do

- Comprehensive health insurance requirement, if not already obtained prior to landing in Malta, and if coming from the UK an EHIC card.

- Set up a Bank account (suggested no fee) Banif bank as the easiest to do

- Try to get the Maltese Heath card and/or Residence card ASAP - these can subject to finding work or self employed first, oR alternatively self sufficient if you have the means

- Sign up for a library card & store loyalty card

- Locate furnished rental accommodation for the next up to 6 months. Use local agents or ads in newspapers/on-line. Frank Salt, Remax, Quicklets, Bernards agents

- Furnished one-bedroom (flat style) rented accommodation ~ €600 -€1000/mth - expect to pay first & last months rent + 50% agents fee of one months rent.

- Utilities ~€130/mth (Gas, electricity, water)

- Internet/phone line combo €20/mth

- Begin looking for employment, expect €5/hr minimum wage, as well as some difficulty. Consider options related to seasonal work during the tourist season. Take any job that gets you through 3-4 months, even if its several PT jobs

- Three months after starting employment or self-employed, make an application for the 'Family Permit'

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