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Adam777 Aug 19th 2020 11:43 am

Maltese Citizenship by Residence

Long term resident here. Been here 13 years and been a Perm' Resident since 2013. Although Im currently spending a lot of time in Spain I am still a Perm Resident in Malta.

A few years ago I contacted Lawyers and asked about applying for citizenship based on Residency and was told that whilst it is possible in theory, it is up to the Minister to approve each such request and they are usually denied as a matter of course.

Is this still the case? Has anybody gone this route successfully?

I see the criteria (from an email from the Citizenship Dept to my British Ex Wife who is pursuing Maltese Citizenship) has an 'Out' that the person should be "A suitable Citizen of Malta"... which gives the decision makers a lot of latitude. She just informed me today she is pursuing Citizenship and I hope she is succesfull but feel that if this was a real possibility for many of us long term UK Residents then it would be a subject of more discussion.

Gozit Aug 19th 2020 12:36 pm

Re: Maltese Citizenship by Residence
Is your ordinary residence still in Malta? If you have left the island to permanently live in Spain I would assume you are not eligible, but if it is a temporary leave you should be eligible. It doesn't hurt to apply. I know of many Brits who have naturalised as Maltese. Identity Malta would be where you start.

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