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Bluenose1 Apr 24th 2013 2:11 pm

Travel Insurance for trip back to UK
Has anyone ever tried to book travel insurance for a trip BACK to the UK? We thought we had arranged it yesterday through Prudential, although I did ask the agent to check on whether I (as a UK citizen) would qualify for certain parts of the cover (hospitalisation while abroad... that sort of thing). She had to take the questions away and promised to come back to us. Her later reply astounded me! For my wife, no problem as she is a Malaysian citizen, but I am a NO GO, apparently because although I have a valid visa (for 6 months) I am not EMPLOYED!!! Of course I'm not employed, I am RETIRED (or thought I was)!!! I do NOT understand what whether I am employed or not has got to do with travel insurance?!!! :confused:

Has anyone in Malaysia (NOT on a MM2H visa) ever had this experience? Or, if not, has anyone tried to get travel insurance for a trip back to their "own" country? If so, could you please let me know the outcome? Or any other sort of advice would be welcome!

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