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Flyguy Feb 18th 2022 7:01 am

Travel Insurance
Hi Folks, Now that things are easing a bit I'm looking forward to travelling again this year. I'm looking for a Travel Insurance Policy, but finding that Malaysian policies ONLY cover trips with a departure and arrival point in Malaysia. That means no cover if you do side trips during the holiday. That's very restricive. I want Global Cover basically. But while such policies exist in Europe (or used to) I think they'll only sell them to European residents.
Anybody found a good policy (with cover for Covid delays/cancellations etc)?

eCdD Feb 20th 2022 12:17 pm

Re: Travel Insurance
Cannot really help you on this, but I did one trip in September with Emirates and one in January with Etihad. Both airlines included a quite comprehensive travel insurance in the ticket price. Certainly this will be immediately discontinued after Covid.

hnd Feb 21st 2022 2:23 am

Re: Travel Insurance
Haven’t used them personally but, on various TripAdvisor forums, World Nomads has often been mentioned.

Epicurious Feb 22nd 2022 6:29 am

Re: Travel Insurance
You could also look at CareMed Gmbh and True Traveller, both cheaper than World Nomads for the quotes I got recently (but haven't used any of them yet).

tdrinker Mar 7th 2022 10:49 am

Re: Travel Insurance
I looked into expat travel insurance a while ago, and none of the companies offering it seemed reliable. The good reviews tended to be for the ease of arranging cover (i.e. paying them money), and the bad reviews for the difficulty in making a claim. Trust Pilot was one of the sources of reviews. Expat travel insurance is expensive compared to normal travel insurance, but the latter generally requires you to be a resident and to start / end your travel in the country issuing the policy, and to arrange cover before you travel, so is generally unavailable to expats. I've held policies from some of these companies over the years because there's no alternative (that I could find); thankfully I've never had to claim because I've never been confident they would pay out if I did.

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