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Mark.evison Apr 25th 2013 5:09 pm

Single guy in Malaysia?
Hey everyone
My first post here. I've done a bit of reading and people sound pretty happy living in Malaysia. I'm looking at transferring my job from china, as I'm sure the people will be more relaxed, and hopefully friendlier... but as a single guy am a bit concerned about dating possibilities in Malaysia. How conservative are the big cities? And Malay girls?
I lived in Thailand for a while and found it quite easy to get dates with local (non bar) girls, but surely Malaysia must be more difficult?

Thanks a lot

bakedbean Apr 26th 2013 7:48 am

Re: Single guy in Malaysia?
Hi Mark and welcome to the forum :)

Malaysians are made up of mainly 3 different races, which are: Malay (they are Muslim), Chinese and Indian. I think I am correct in saying that if you get serious with a Malay girl, you would need to convert to her religion.

I imagine you might meet with Chinese Malaysian and Indian Malaysian girls in pubs and clubs and other places. You would also find a fair few expats in some of the larger places: KL, Penang, Johor.

On the whole, in my opinion, all Malaysian races are pretty friendly.

Mark.evison Apr 26th 2013 8:51 am

Re: Single guy in Malaysia?
Hey that's good to hear. Maybe Malaysian Chinese girls would be more my style, though I guess kl is quite ethnically diverse anyway. Thinking I might give it a go. The expats I've contacted in kl seem friendly too, and I did enter the country on a Thai visa run once and found people very friendly in the north.
How is it forair pollution? Internet freedom? Easy to get to the beach? Pretty sure I'll try to transfer now..
Thanks a lot

Bluenose1 Apr 26th 2013 9:42 am

Re: Single guy in Malaysia?

Originally Posted by Mark.evison (Post 10679238)
How is it forair pollution? Internet freedom? Easy to get to the beach? Pretty sure I'll try to transfer now..
Thanks a lot

Air pollution depends largely on the Indonesians. When they are burning the rubber trees, there are voluminous clouds pervading the KL/Petaling Jaya area which can sometimes last for days and resembles heavy smog! Easy to get to which beach? Depends totally where you are located. If you're around the KL area, then you'll have a bit of a trek! Melaka is about 1 1/2 hours drive, or there's Langkawi (not sure how far that is from KL) or perhaps around Penang/Georgetown? (BB would be better able to advise you on the latter). I don't know what the beaches are like on the East Coast.

Internet freedom? I guess that depends exactly what you mean? I've certainly not experienced any problem, but if you're wanting to access at adult sites, then there may be some intervention! Certainly if the BBC website is to be believed (does anyone believe what the BBC says any more?) :) then there is heavy censorship but, as I've said, I've not had any problem since I've been here on the sites that I access.

bakedbean Apr 26th 2013 1:27 pm

Re: Single guy in Malaysia?
If you're already in contact with expats in KL you will obviously have had some relevant info. Funny they didn't mention about beaches eh ;)

bakedbean Apr 26th 2013 2:18 pm

Re: Single guy in Malaysia?
So, where are you based in China currently, Mark?

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