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kuanyin123 Jan 9th 2019 11:28 am

Scam Job Exxon-Mobil Malaysia: Beware
Hi folks, I am new to this particular forum, and was an expat for many years working in the Middle East, S.E. Asia, North and Central Africa and Canada. Although I consider myself semi-retired, I was approached by a particular individual supposedly from Exxon-Mobil, Malaysia last week. The man sent me a job offer, which was backed up with a detailed appointment letter that covered such things as remuneration, taxation, flights, accommodation, etc. He wanted a reply to say I had received the info.

The next day I received a visa registration document to be filled in and on the same day I received an e-mail from the Immigration Department of Malaysia that included info on the visa process. I thought for a minute. Hang on, I have received a job offer from this company whom I had never been in touch with before, to whom I had never sent my CV or other personal details before . . . read on . . .

I emailed a reply to this Dr. Ahmed at the immigration office and within minutes I received a Yahoo 'mailer-demon' email pointing out that this email address doesn't exist. So, this morning I received another email from this so-called Dr. Ahmed including a visa application form. I replied to his email and once more a 'mailer-demon' reply from Yahoo.

To say I was suspicious is an understatement. So I called the Malaysian Embassy's immigration department in London and a very nice lady checked the immigration office in Kuala Lumpur. Nope, this Dr. Ahmed doesn't exist. She then went on to explain about other similar scams operating out of S.E. Asia, particularly Malaysia.

I just wanted to share with you this story and let it be a warning to all members about this fraudulent scam.

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