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Merlyn Aug 1st 2011 10:09 pm


I'm thinking of moving to Maylasia and was wondering what expats do at there work wise?
We are both graduates. i'm a Mechanical engineer who has working in the oil and gas sector, construction sector and now specialise in renewable energy (wind farms, wave etc..)
My wife has been working as a chef and has just finished a BA in Culinary arts.
What kind of wages can be expected and is their scope to open a western resturant or bar.

My wife is a chinese national who is now a uk citizen but can also speak Chinese along with english.

We have one child and would also like to know about schools and the education system.

Any help would be great, thanks.

bakedbean Aug 3rd 2011 9:05 am

Re: Penang
Just to say Hi. Cannot help you as I'm on retirement visa but there's a fair few threads on schools if you browse through the forum.

keyesgood Aug 20th 2011 8:37 am

Re: Penang

im coming too take a look at penang this coming november,

baked bean ,

what life like there ,



bakedbean Aug 21st 2011 7:48 am

Re: Penang
For me, I like it, but it's horses for courses. You'll have to check it out and see if you like it I guess. Are you thinking of retiring there or working there?

keyesgood Aug 23rd 2011 10:44 am

Re: Penang
well ,

im only 40 , so i like a life where i can work, may be 25hrs aweek,

do you know on the mm2h program, if u start a business , if theres 1 non malay running the business ,how many malay u have to employ ,



bakedbean Aug 24th 2011 8:50 am

Re: Penang
Take a look at the government website here

re setting up a business under MM2H.

I haven't looked in too much detail as I am allergic to work.

keyesgood Aug 24th 2011 8:01 pm

Re: Penang


yes i have to drop them a email with a few questions,

im going to send you a pm , if i can, as it says i need 3 post, as im a new,user



bakedbean Aug 26th 2011 2:38 am

Re: Penang
Hi, got your PM and replied to it but, quite honestly, you'd do better voicing your questions and queries on here and getting a wider viewpoint. Come on, don't be shy.

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