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KAPPA Jul 3rd 2011 7:40 am

Penang; George Town's Incredible Trees !
And gorgeous Old Towne.. And Miami- esquie luxury Gurney Drive, and stunning agricultural areas in the south WOW What an interesting place

I've really never had the time time to take a good drive around the west end of Georgetown, south of Gurney but WOW those huge old trees are incredible, near the Botanic Gardens. Gi-normous.
In fact obviously protected trees everywhere really sets Penang apart from Phuket where trees are routinely chopped.
In fact, just two days ago along Airport road, quite a few elder trees were being chopped as I arrived in Phuket two days ago.
To widen the road for what is really non- existent traffic, just to enable the taxi-van's velocities to approach the speed of sound?

bakedbean Jul 3rd 2011 8:16 am

Re: Penang; George Town's Incredible Trees !
There's some big ol' ones around Pulau Tikus too (not far from Botanic Garden) and some huge old colonial houses. Must cost a fortune I reckon.

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