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rb2000 May 15th 2011 5:48 pm

New life in KL?
Hi all! I've just joined this forum, as it looks like a great source of very useful information.

I'm in the process of looking at relocating to KL with my wife and soon-to-be-born baby. I'm in discussion with a Malaysian company who are interested in taking me over there. My wife and baby would come too. If it makes any difference, we're both in our 30s.

I've been in continuous employment here (South East UK) for over 10 years, and am apprehensive at the thought of the move, especially with the little one imminent...

We've been to KL and Penang a number of times before and love the whole Asian experience, so I think we could get accustomed to life there.

I guess I'm looking for any general advice from any of you great members on anything I should be aware of if I choose to make the move. Particularly interested in where to live. I am likely to be working around the airport area.

Many thanks from a confused Brit looking for guidance!!!

bakedbean May 16th 2011 2:12 am

Re: New life in KL?
Hi RB. I'm not in KL so cannot help you really but there's a few folks who have made the move who post on here. May I suggest you take a look through all the recent threads on this sub-forum. Quite a few folks asking the same questions. All the best with your move.

joamelie May 16th 2011 6:44 am

Re: New life in KL?
Hi, We moved out to Kl in December with kids. There are loads of expats out here with small kids, some love it, some don't- I think only you can answer that one.
Personally we love it. My daughter has settled well at school (age 6), I enjoy my job, my husband keeps himself very busy and is available to do the school run. We love the weather, the food, being able to swim whenever we want.
Lots of people live in condos, we have opted for a house in a gated street. It's very safe, we share the pool and tennis courts, and the house is lovely. Moving out here has given us a quality of life we could never get back in the UK. My husband and I go for lunch a couple of times a week, something we could never do before as we both worked, my daughter no longer has to do after school clubs and the holiday opportunities out here are amazing!
On the down side we miss friends and family, but most of the other stuff we have soon got to grips with.
We have several friends who work out at the airport, they live out near Serdang and Putra Jaya, country heights, IOI and Gita Bayu are all places that you might want to look at. All really nice expat communities.
Good luck with your decision making!

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