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MCT2KL Jan 31st 2020 4:59 am

Re: Moving to KL - Customs Clearance

Originally Posted by hnd (Post 12798908)
@ MCT2KL, we were more than happy with GGL in Muscat and with Allied Pickfords at this end in KL. As I explained above, we used GGL in Muscat because they are/were (don’t know if they still are) AP’s local associate company and we figured that if they were good enough for AP they were good enough for us, too. We had a 4 bed villa and took almost all of our belongings with us - nearly a full 40’ container - and they packed it all up in just over four days. That was just short of 200 boxes or ‘packages’ as all furniture was wrapped/boxed in made to measure packages. Everything arrived in KL in one piece.

As for insurance, we took a calculated risk and didn’t bother, despite having some antique furniture and valuable artwork and rugs. The problem was that the insurance company that GGL used then insisted on absolutely everything, and I mean everything, being valued and itemised. If just one item wasn’t properly accounted for that invalidated the insurance. As we have some antique furniture and other items which are nigh on impossible to value we decided to take the risk and keep our fingers crossed that our container wouldn’t fall off the ship en route.

For our previous two moves we did take out insurance which almost doubled the cost of the move. However, the process was much easier - only high value items had to be itemised and other items could be lumped together, such as kitchenware, china & glassware etc. This was not the reason for not insuring this time as explained above. Perhaps it may be possible to arrange your own insurance for any high value items?

The contact details we have for GGL are as follows:


Hope this helps

Yes! Thanks so much for the detailed reply. Really appreciate it

christmasoompa Jan 31st 2020 9:00 am

Re: Moving to KL - Customs Clearance

Originally Posted by MCT2KL (Post 12798948)
Yes! Thanks so much for the detailed reply. Really appreciate it

Sorry, but I've had to remove the contact details from the above post, not sure the person in question will thank hnd for his email being put on a public forum and picked up by every spambot out there! Hopefully you've made a note of it, but if not please do contact hnd directly for it, thanks.

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