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BirdyBarnes Nov 27th 2012 8:17 pm

Move to KL a real option.... schools, dogs, houses ....Advice needed?
Hi all,

My husband took a 6 month secondment in mainly based in HK at the start of September, so he is currently working away as a business traveller coming back home every 4/6 weeks. We have always known there was a posibility that he would be offered a permanent role, as initially they wanted someone for 2 years but we decided to suggest a 6mth option to get an idea of the job.

Today he has been offered a 2 year role based in Malaysia (KL) and he has said that he will give them a definate answer as to if he would like to get the ball rolling/final negotiations etc after Christmas as whether we go or not all depends really on our little family units happiness.

We have two daughters aged 5 and 9. Ideally they would complete the school year here in UK and then we would move over the summer holidays ready for them to start school in Sept 13. So girls would be entering years 1 and 5. As I have said I am open to this adventure for 2 years, I want the girls to continue studying the English curriculum to assist there move both to malysia and then on our return to the UK, especially as eldest daughter will then be entering senior school. I have looked at a couple of schools, Ann Smith and British school, husbands company would pay for schooling (although I dont know how much for instance) are their any others. Also the websites say they are "selective" with entry daughters are above average on the UK curriculum levels - do I need to be worried that they might not get in? Are spaces few and far between?

To complicate matters more, we got a puppy in the summer, an English Cocker Spaniel. Now I beleive we can bring him out with us. Aside from the heat issue, do people have dogs, are there good places to walk them - he is currently used to walking round/through farmers fields off lead. Are vets easy to find, pet supplies etc? If his quality of life would suffer we would have to look at leaving him here (there would be lots of takers) but ideally we would like him to come too. Can you get boarding kennels/dog sitters???

For me, leaving the UK would be a huge wrench. I am especially close to my mum and sister follwing the death of my father and my daughters have more than weekly visits to them. We also have a very close network of family and friends too. However, we have concluded that a. my mum is in good health and is comfortably retired and could visit, as could my sister. Other family and friends who wanted are welcome to visit. The world is a smaller place with technology now and keeping in touch much easier. In 2 years we are thinking not that much will change back here and we can have 2 years being able to visit parts of the world we would not be able to easily if here in UK?

Would appreciate any advice :)

ajw Nov 27th 2012 10:47 pm

Re: Move to KL a real option.... schools, dogs, houses ....Advice needed?
Hi BirdyBarnes and welcome to the Malaysia forums.

Congratulations on your prospective move to KL; there are loads of families here with young children so you will be amongst many others; kids seem to love KL! I'll try and address some of the main points you've raised below.

Schools: Plenty of schools here who teach a British Curriculum; the most popular with expats are Alice Smith, Garden and BSKL. These schools have close to 100% expat, mostly British teachers who have lived and taught in the UK. Other schools, further out, have a lower ratio of expat teachers and their fee's are accordingly, lower. If your husbands company is covering the fee's, I would suggest concentrating on the 3 schools I have mentioned above. Your children will have to do an online test as part of the admissions process; however, this is really just to reassure the school that the children do not have 'special needs' they may not be able to cater for. If they are doing well at school they will not have any problems at all. There are waiting lists for some year levels at school so I would make getting these arrangements in place a priority.

Dog: Plenty of people here with dogs, they stay either in a bungalow or a gated house development. You should be able to walk him around the streets and there are also some nice parks you can drive to. He probably wont be seeing a farmers field for a while though! Hopefully some of the members with dogs will be able to help out with more info on the specifics for vets. I've seen a few pet supply shops in my local area (bangsar), so no problems there. Not sure about kennels (and what their standards would be); I would maybe think about leaving him with friends in the UK until you have a house sorted out and then bring him over..

Leaving family and friends is hard and its something we all have to work around. Skype makes things so much easier and as you say its only 2 years (although many do end up extending and staying for longer).

Malaysia is culturally diverse and interesting country and travel around the region is very easy. We have two young children and they are exposed to cultures, races and experiences they wouldn't otherwise encounter living in a Western country.

Good Luck!

BirdyBarnes Nov 28th 2012 8:11 am

Re: Move to KL a real option.... schools, dogs, houses ....Advice needed?
Thanks ajw!

Re schools, i have heard back from Alice smith and bskl, they said that as only one terms notice is needed then i am assuming although we may get them on waiting lists (sooner rather thst later) we might not know about spaces till mid year 2013. Thanks for reassuring me re entrance tests.... Was having a bit of a panic on that!

The perks to not seeing a muddy field with the dog would be not having to bath him when he rolls in mud and other stinky stuff like he has just done! Yes, luckily he could stay here till we are settled and then we did could bring him out when we are sorted. i hope we can makr friends with dog liking people who could care for him while we had a holiday or return to UK for hols, as thats really what we need dog sitter/ kennels for. would be interested to hear whst other dog owners do?

Thank you :-)

ajw Nov 28th 2012 8:39 am

Re: Move to KL a real option.... schools, dogs, houses ....Advice needed?
Most of the pet owners I know have maids who take care of the animals while the family goes on holiday. :)

AntonyStinson Dec 12th 2012 9:39 pm

Re: Move to KL a real option.... schools, dogs, houses ....Advice needed?
I am moving out to Kl in January. Working at the airport in subang. Initially living in a condo whilst looking for somewhere to rent that will suit my wife kids, 10 & 8 yr olds, and my Dalmation! I've spent hours on forums and property rental sites. I'm hoping that the dog doesn't prove to restrict us too much in our choice. I do have the option of leaving him at home but its a family move

Dd33 Dec 13th 2012 2:48 am

Re: Move to KL a real option.... schools, dogs, houses ....Advice needed?

I agree with everything that has been said. I wouldn't worry about the entrance tests, we live in KL and I spoke to the principal at BSKL about this and he said it's basically a formality.

As for the dog situation, there is no shortage of vets, pet stores, kennels etc. People mostly have little dogs but we live at Tropicana golf and country resort and lots of people have dogs that they walk around, though it is all leashed walking.

If you are house hunting look on and in the search section select either terraced/link houses or semi-detached/bungalows (not one storey houses here) as generally speaking dogs aren't allowed in condos.

Dd33 Dec 13th 2012 2:50 am

Re: Move to KL a real option.... schools, dogs, houses ....Advice needed?
oh and on sunday mornings at 1Utama park (right beside the mall) lots of people meet up with their dogs for different classes and things.

AntonyStinson Dec 13th 2012 2:55 am

Re: Move to KL a real option.... schools, dogs, houses ....Advice needed?
I'll be stopping at the tropicana condo initially as my new boss lives at the resort. You've probably seen his massive hummer driving around!

Dd33 Dec 13th 2012 3:23 am

Re: Move to KL a real option.... schools, dogs, houses ....Advice needed?
haha I think I know your boss it isn't Cliff by any chance is it?

AntonyStinson Jan 2nd 2013 4:03 pm

Re: Move to KL a real option.... schools, dogs, houses ....Advice needed?
Yep it is Cliff. Thought you may know him!
I'm flying out on Saturday, work permit etc all in place. I suppose I better start packing!
Looking at houses around glenmarie on tinternet, nice area?

Dd33 Jan 2nd 2013 10:09 pm

Re: Move to KL a real option.... schools, dogs, houses ....Advice needed?
There is a golf course there so I assume it's a nice area but I have never been. Good luck with the move, it really is a lovely country to live in.

AntonyStinson Jan 2nd 2013 10:16 pm

Re: Move to KL a real option.... schools, dogs, houses ....Advice needed?
Thanks I'll be popping round to Cliffs' Sunday, hope he's got some beers in the fridge.:cool:

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