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Scrasey2 Apr 14th 2011 3:25 am

Morning Walks
I have now been in Penang since the end of February and have settled in very well but would love to make some new friends to go walking early on a morning round the Botanical Gardens 2 days a week.

My Husband is working in Kulim every day while I enjoy a break from work for a few years!

I am 33 years old and over the last year or so have lost 4 stone in weight and am now really enjoying exercise. I use the gym and pool at my apartment but would love to walk in the mornings before it gets too hot.

I live on Gurney Drive and am free on Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday and Friday mornings if anyone would like join me?


colombiano Apr 14th 2011 3:27 pm

Re: Morning Walks
whats the weather like at the moment in Malaysia?? flying down tomorrow :)

Scrasey2 Apr 15th 2011 1:21 am

Re: Morning Walks
Very hot!!

When I had a friend to visit a week ago, we were out the house at 7.30 am then back under air con by 11.00 am.

No rain though and I much prefer this weather to England!!

bakedbean Apr 15th 2011 5:37 am

Re: Morning Walks
I've got news for you. When the south west monsoon kicks in shortly, you will see some serious rain, but the upside is that the temperature will come down a bit. I think I am right in saying (and someone please correct me if I'm wrong) that this is the hottest time of year before monsoon. Getting up to 37 degrees C and higher in the afternoons.

I like walks but, at 7.30am, I will just be getting a little nudge in bed from Mr bakedbean to put the kettle on for a wakeup cuppa :)

Strider24 Apr 20th 2011 9:19 am

Re: Morning Walks
I know it sounds strange, but during the monsoon season, the humidity usually goes down. The result is clearer fact actually blue sometimes and hence higher temperature. But as the clouds gather you can feel the humidity rise rapidly and down comes the rain. We used to joke that we could tell the time by the rain....ahhh its 2:30.:blink:......but its usually short lived and the land is fresh and cooler afterwards.

Strider24 Apr 20th 2011 10:34 pm

Re: Morning Walks
For an early morning walk in KL, can I suggest "Taman Metropolitan Kepong", which is off MRR2 between Kepong and Batu Caves. Its was an old tin mining pond and now lovely gardens with 4km rubberised footpath around the lake. It also has a number of climbing towers, 2 on a short steep hill to get the heart really pumping. As most of the footpath lights usually work, you can start before sunrise when its cool and stunning watching sunrise over the lake.:thumbup:

nonthaburi Apr 21st 2011 4:49 am

Re: Morning Walks
I imagine Malaysia to be the same as Thailand and April is the hottest month here. Rainy season officially starts next month although there have been a few showers already ( apart from the freak rain a while back ) .

When I lived in the Northeast in my wife's village temperatures used to regularly hit the forties in April and I remember having a thermometer outside the house that was in the shade all day and seeing it hit 45 one afternoon. That was hot. Try being on a motorbike and it's like being under a big hairdryer. The air is actually hotter than your body temperature so you have to be very careful to try and stay cool.

7-11 have got a very nice new lychee flavoured ice lolly though. .......

What do other people do to stay cool ?

Strider24 Apr 21st 2011 5:04 am

Re: Morning Walks
When you have humidity as well, 40-45 is very uncomfortable, but with very low humidity its more a case of keeping fluids up. Malaysia is pretty lucky as the centre has mountains and much cooler air and usually the coastal regions will have a sea breeze by day and land breeze by night.

If you live in concrete jungle areas (or real jungle for that matter) you need at least a fan and ice cold beer. I seem to recall in Thailand 7-11 sell ice cold beer in brown paper bags.....or brain freezing slurpy.:blink:

bakedbean Apr 23rd 2011 8:38 am

Re: Morning Walks

Originally Posted by nonthaburi (Post 9318009)

What do other people do to stay cool ?

Wind the aircon up :thumbup:

TopHattedCat Apr 25th 2011 7:26 am

Re: Morning Walks
A different part of the island, but the Bukit Jambul hiking area is one I have used a lot. It takes about 30 minutes to reach the top & you are rewarded with a view of the bridge, a free cup of Chinese tea & the more energetic get to use the free gym facilities.

If you are really into fitness you can pick up some of the many pre-filled water bottles waiting to be carried up the hill to feed the giant tea urn.

It is located about 400 metres from the Equatorial Hotel.

Happy Hiking :thumbup:

bakedbean Apr 25th 2011 7:38 am

Re: Morning Walks
That's interesting to note TopHat..... oh and welcome to the forum :)

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