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Sean_f Oct 15th 2010 11:43 am

Hi people, I have used this site and read lots of useful info, I am currently in Saudi with my wife but have been told it is unlikely they will be able to renew my contract at the end of this year so I have been looking at other opportunities and have been speaking to someone about a position in Malaysia I have read everything I can about the place but sadly would not have time to visit before the thing would start I have initially been offered a single status contract so would need to cover visa, flights medical etc for my wife but they will cover all costs for myself 3 flights back to the U.K. per year plus medical, car, 1 bed condo etc so the money they are offing would be to cover my wife’s costs plus living they have offered $8500 per month what I am asking is the tax really as heavy as I have read (26-27%:thumbdown:) and could we have a comfortable life.

Thanks for all your help.

ex reg Oct 15th 2010 12:21 pm

Re: Malaysia??
Is that salary US$ or Malaysian Ringgits.

Sean_f Oct 15th 2010 1:43 pm

Re: Malaysia??

Originally Posted by ex reg (Post 8920057)
Is that salary US$ or Malaysian Ringgits.

Sorry it is USD 8500 per month

ex reg Oct 15th 2010 1:54 pm

Re: Malaysia??
I can't remember the tax rate but I think it is banded same as UK.
Is there a with holding tax as well there used to be years ago.

You'll be fine on that salary. Not massively well off but fine imo.
It should be higher than your UK salary may not be as high as your Saudi salary but when cost of living comes into it you'll be able to save as well.
I suppose if you've been paid in US then you'll be aware of any exchnge rate variables with your salary.

You might wish to consider asking your company to reimburse you the amount of a 1 bed and then topping it up to get yourself a two bed condo.
Always nice to have the extra room, maybe for overseas visitors or if that's not for you then as a study etc.
Sometimes a one bed condo makes it easy to turn down those overseas visitors:cool:

One other thing on the condo if they pay you instead of renting the condo out for you then you may be subject to tax on the whole amount.
Worth checking on that before deciding either way.
Rushing to do my Cross Trainer so if you have any more questions...

I'm sure others will give some replies as well.

kimchiflower Oct 16th 2010 2:33 am

Re: Malaysia??
It depends on hoe much it cost for you to have a comfortable lifestyle in The UK, and what you define as 'comfortable'. $8500/m after living expenses would provide a comfortable lifestyle for most people in any country.

Maybe you should negotiate a bigger condo, or perhaps get your own and housing expense contribution though.

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