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bakedbean May 11th 2011 3:10 am

Has prohibition started in Bt Ferringhi?
Went to a bloody strange eatery last night at Miami Green (or is it Miami Bay :unsure:) and one of our crowd ordered a beer and up it comes in a cocoa mug :lol: We enquired and a finger went to lips :huh:. But glasses of wine quite okay. I don't get it.

ex reg May 11th 2011 7:30 am

Re: Has prohibition started in Bt Ferringhi?
When I lived in JB many many years ago I took my boss to Tebrau market one evening.
He hadn't been out in Malaysia and was quite new to the country.
Tebrau market was a series of shacks and stalls in those days with a rickety tin roof, not much better now.
But the food then was fabulous and you could buy beer.
We'd finished the meal which he'd enjoyed and we were having another Tiger each when the stall holder ran out from her stall and whipped the bottles and half full glasses away from us.
Then some official looking guys strolled through the market for about 5 minutes looking at things.
Eventually they left and the stall holder brought our beer, glasses and an extra free bottle of Tiger back for us.

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