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Sam2022 Mar 10th 2022 9:45 pm

Had an interview with KL, Sri KDU international school
Hi peeps!

I read some old thread going back 2016 about Teachers leaving UK to start working at Sri KDU International School, but nothing recent. I've just had a really successful interview with them and I been told during the interview they liked me and now it's a matter of speaking to the principle for the second stage of the online interviw. I am currently in the UK and wanted to connect with anyone who is working at the school.

My question to anyone working there :

1 what's the school like to work in and how is the Team atmosphere there?

2. What is the salary like, I was told it's similar to a UK teachers salary.... Anyone know about tax rate? I heard first 6 months tax is high? So should I try negotiate salary if I manage to get second interview?

P.S anyone current plz get in touch ;! I plan on moving with my wife a new born baby, my wife is also a teacher hoping she would find work out there too!

Thanks all!

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