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Moonbeamzz Oct 5th 2011 11:42 am

Golf and all things frustrating
Was having a bit of a browse re golfing and quite shocked at the cost. Maybe its just me, am not a golfing nut but happy to play the odd round. Seems like its not a sport/pastime for the avergae joe. membership in one club was RM75,000; just to play a round (18 holes) was RM 290. Not cheap in my view, am I mising something here. Had this view of living in Malaysia (Melaka, Penang, Taiping/Ipoh) and benefiting from the lower cost of living but dosn't seem to be the case when it comes to golf. Can anyone offer advice.
Cheers :confused:

ex reg Oct 19th 2011 10:09 am

Re: Golf and all things frustrating
You think it's expensive now.

In 1989 construction began for a resort in Desaru at the extreme tip of south east Malaysia.
The cost of the resort was 4 billion US and that was a lot of money back in those days.
It was all going to be paid for up front by selling golf membership in Japan for the 6 signature courses.
The resort would have 6 Signature golf courses
12No 5 star+ hotels.
A wildlife park
An indoor ski resort
An indoor wind surfing paradise
A sailing marina hosting similar events to those in Terrenganu
A disneyworld type thingy
An equestrian centre
6000 villas around the golf courses
A ferry connection to Changi
The road and bridge connection to Singapore recently completed would have been completed 15 years ago.
A natural gas connection to Terrenganu
An 80,000 occupancy new city.
Plus plus etc etc

As I say all paid for upfront by sale of golf membership in Japan.

It was very feasible but got bogged down and finally stopped by court cases in tax havens in the Caribbean iirc

On another point around that time golf membership in Singapore was considered an investment in the same way as property was seen as an investment there.

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